Why You Shouldn’t Fear Root Canals

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The very mention by your dentist of the need for a root canal for your tooth can scare quite many. This is because we have all sorts of visual imageries in our minds of what the treatment may feel like. The fact is: root canals aren’t that scary after all. If anything, they’d actually help save your tooth from permanent loss.
Most important, when your tooth is in the hands of an expert professional like the Burbank dentist, you’ve nothing to fear. Still, here we mention some more reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of getting a root canal treatment at your dentist’s office.

Why You Shouldn’t be Scared of Root Canal Treatment


  • It isn’t actually painful – The prime reason why a large number of people like to keep root canals at bay is the fear of pain. Several ads on TV or other media also contribute to promoting a negative image of the procedure. They ask patients questions like “Would you rather go for a root canal than…?” This is what inculcates fear in the mind of the patient.

The truth is root canals may not always be that painful. It also largely depends on the individual ability of the person to bear the pain. For some, the procedure may only feel like a needle prick. Others, may not feel anything at all, thanks to the modern advancements in dentistry. Root canals have become literally painless now.

  • The after-effect doesn’t linger on – This is another reason why people fear root canals. They feel that the painful sensation after the procedure may linger on for a few days. Some are scared of any likely complications to follow through the next day or some days after.

At Burbank root canal treatment sessions, the dentist would assure you that it’d last just for a few hours. Yes! That’s all. Whatever hurt you may be experiencing post-procedure would be taken care of by over-the-counter pain relievers.

  • It’s actually best for your tooth – This is why your dentist at Burbank would recommend it in the first place. Generally, they’d advise the procedure as the best means to save your tooth. In the case of tooth decay, root canal treatment is highly effective in preventing further damage. Most important, once damaged, tooth loss is permanent in adults.

This is why the root canal can help save the tooth to avoid loss later on. Similarly, in children too, milk teeth can be saved via the root canal. This is important for the subsequent permanent teeth to emerge healthily.

Why Choose My Dentist Burbank Root Canals?

At My Dentist Burbank, our expert team of doctors ensures that the patient never fears any procedure carried out. Our dentists would always pre-discuss all options with the patient and try and answer all their queries/resolve fears.
Besides that, we have the best in-house medical equipment and follow advanced treatment therapies. They also include painless root canal procedures. All this ensures safe and fear-free treatment options for the patients.
Our dentists would also always let you know of the need for conducting a root canal procedure if at all required. As explained earlier, it’s one of the best ways to save the tooth from further damage. Only if they feel that your tooth can be saved, the dentists may recommend the procedure at all.

If you have any concerns over the root canal or any unresolved queries, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Sahakyan at 818-578-2332. You may also book an appointment with him to visit him personally. Seek consultation on all your questions/doubts with him before going in for the procedure.

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