Cavities During Invisalign


Invisalign is one of the most wanted tools that are used to restore our misaligned teeth. Besides, Invisalign also fixes crooked teeth, and gaps between teeth. Invisalign is popular among adults as this prosthesis is completely transparent. Thus, unlike metal braces, they feel comfortable while speaking to others as others can not notice the Invisalign that are fit into their teeth. If you also want to go for Invisalign to straighten your teeth, and need a Burbank Invisalign Brace treatment, connect us at MyDentistBurbank to receive the treatment.
Now, already being under oral treatment and fixing your dental alignment issue does not mean that cavities can not affect your teeth and gums again. Let us know more about the cavity first before proceeding further.

What Is a Dental Cavity?

A cavity is a visible hole in the harder part of your teeth. This is also known as dental carries. In general, bacteria cause such disorders by releasing a form of acid and breaking the teeth’ enamel. It can be painful.
Now, Invisalign fixes and enhances your cosmetic look and can help in improving dental health as well. But, this tool is never the cause of dental cavities. Ignorance and poor hygiene are the main reasons for such orthodontic disorders. Let us see a few more reasons behind the formation of cavities, even during Invisalign.

What Are the Reasons for Cavities During Invisalign:

1. Poor Oral Hygiene:

dental care

We often ignore our oral health unlike we take care of other parts of the body or general health. Irregularity in cleaning our teeth properly is one of the most important causes of developing cavities inside teeth and gums. We need to brush our teeth daily, twice a day for enjoying a safer and healthy dental life.

2. Not Using Floss:

Floss cleans those areas in our teeth and gums that we cannot do with normal toothbrushes. A lot of us do not consider using floss seriously. Hence, the stuck food particles inside teeth and gums gradually attract bacteria and cause infections like cavities and tooth decay.

3. Lack of Patience and Commitment:

The Invisalign tool can be removed easily when needed. People are supposed to remove it only when they eat, drink, and clean their teeth. But, because of the tool’s flexibility people often remove the tool out of tendency. As a result, it takes time to achieve the desired result of having straight teeth. Now, during this time, teeth can get hurt and crooked. Additionally, food items can also get stuck inside teeth which affect dental health and cause cavities.

4. Irregular Diet Plans and Habits:

If we can follow a strict routine and fix times for having our food, it is obvious that we are inviting trouble. Eating frequently and removing Invisalign will do no good to cavities.

5. Not Consulting Your Dentist Regularly:

Ignoring any existing or newly developed dental disorders and not consulting a dentist to fix that can escalate such issues. This can form cavities too.
It is better if you can develop good and healthy habits to avoid complications. At the same time, one must also be aware of the symptoms of cavities. So that a person who is going through an Invisalign treatment can quickly take precautionary measures beforehand.

Symptoms of Cavities:

  • Holes in your teeth.
  • Blackish patches inside your teeth.
  • Teeth sensitivity while eating and drinking.
  • Feel teeth pain and headache, etc.

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