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porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of the most significant achievements in aesthetic dentistry. With their help, you can hide the defects in your front teeth and have an ideal smile.

A beautiful smile will give you confidence in yourself. It’s no secret that your smile is extremely important.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are the closing of the outer surface of the tooth an aesthetic material. This creates the shape and color of the tooth. They cover only the front surface of the tooth and the cutting edge.

Porcelain Veneers

A porcelain veneer is a layer of dental porcelain applied to a tooth to improve the look of a smile and to avoid any damage to the surface of the tooth.

Porcelain veneers were the first aesthetic veneers. All previous attempts to use other materials were unsuccessful. Porcelain has the optimal properties for dental prosthetics, which allows it to be used for porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are optimal for breaking the outer wall of the front teeth – cavities, aesthetic defects, or non-aesthetic seals. Being tailor-made for each patient, porcelain veneers are fabricated from an advanced material which is very similar to the appearance of the natural dental enamel. It does not darken, does not change in color, it almost does not accumulate plaque. It is inert to the tooth and gum. It is durable and, when correctly done, recreates individual shades and tooth shapes.  At present, the quality of composite materials has moved very far, so composite veneers are gradually replacing porcelain.

Indications for Veneer Installation

installation of porcelain veneers

With the help of porcelain veneers, you can eliminate a large number of flaws in your teeth.

Some examples include:

  • small chips and cracks;
  • irregular teeth;
  • various deformations;
  • darkened seals;
  • ugly enamel;
  • spacing between individual elements of the teeth.

Stages of Manufacturing a Porcelain Veneer

  1. Inspection, diagnosis, computer simulation of a smile on the screen, photographing: before and after the installation of veneers.
  2. Preparation of the tooth under the veneer overlay: from the front of the tooth, remove the enamel layer equal to the thickness of the future veneer.
  3. Removing the casts by one of the methods: from the impression mass or using a special machine, which makes the cast of the tooth optically.
  4. At the time of placing porcelain veneer on the treated tooth, a temporary lining is applied.
  5. Fitting a porcelain veneer. Evaluation of the pads is carried out, their tightness to the tooth surface is checked and the color of the veneer and tooth is matched. In case of inconsistency between the proportions of the lining and the tooth, the veneer is corrected. If the color of the overlay does not match the color of the tooth, its shade can be changed with the help of a suitable cement.
  6. Bonding the patch to the tooth.
  7. Removal of cement residues, if necessary – grinding and turning, checking bite.

How are porcelain veneers applied by our dentists in Burbank?

Generally, the application of porcelain veneers requires three visits at our dental office. In order to apply one or several porcelain veneers, our dentists follow the procedure described below:

  • Initial consultation: during the initial consultation, the diagnosis and treatment planning are established. The dentist has to thoroughly understand the desired outcome. The teeth are examined in order to ensure that porcelain veneers are appropriate and the procedure, as well as its limitations, are discussed;
  • Preparation: in order to prepare a tooth for a porcelain veneer, our dentist eliminates around ½ millimeter of the tooth enamel from the surface of a tooth. Before doing so, a local anesthetic may be needed. Then, a model or an impression of the tooth is made. This model is then sent to a dental laboratory, which will make the actual porcelain veneer;
  • Bonding: the veneer is chosen to match the color of the patient’s teeth and it is verified whether it fits appropriately. The dentist trims the porcelain veneer so that it matches perfectly, after which the tooth is prepared for the veneer. Next, a special cement is applied on the porcelain veneer and the veneer is placed on the tooth. A special light beam is applied to it, activating the chemicals from the cement, making it harden rapidly. The excess cement is removed and the bite is evaluated, while the final adjustments are made to the veneer if needed.

How Are Porcelain Veneers Made?

The whole outer surface of the tooth is prepared. The impression is taken. On it, the technician casts a model from a special gypsum. They use this to create porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are made using two different technologies- sintering and pressing.

After manufacturing porcelain veneers get to the dentist, which installs the veneers on the teeth. To porcelain veneers are not broken during the manufacture, and on the teeth, they should not be thinner than a millimetre. The thicker the porcelain veneers are, the stronger they will be.

How to Install Porcelain Veneer?

  • After the dentist and patient approve the shape and color of the veneer, it is glued to the tooth. The tooth is cleaned and polished.
  • Using a special gel, the tooth is etched. This is done to ensure that the tooth surface becomes rough, which will ensure its stable bond with cement.
  • A drop of cement is placed on a veneer pad and glued to the tooth.
  • After gluing, the fit of the veneer is checked and the cement is cured with blue light. Hardening occurs almost instantly.

Benefits of porcelain veneers

porcelain veneers before and after

Porcelain veneers present numerous benefits:

  •         They resist coffee, tea, or cigarette smoke stains;
  •         They make even the darkest teeth look bright white;
  •         They look extremely natural and attractive;
  •         They represent a rapid fix for minor overlaps, twists, and small gaps;
  •         The natural teeth are kept largely intact, with only minimal alterations that have to be made to fit the veneer.

A Realistic Appearance

A realistic appearance is one of the reasons for the ever-increasing popularity of veneers. Porcelain is a kind of ceramic which has many similarities to tooth enamel. Therefore porcelain veneers look very natural and realistic.

Resistance to Pigment Spots

A porcelain veneer has a practically glassy structure and a perfectly smooth and impermeable surface. It is resistant to the formation of permanent spots and plaque. You do not have to worry about darkening your teeth due to coffee, wine, and cigarettes with veneers.


Porcelain veneers are relatively durable compared to composite veneers.

Color Adaptability

The shade of the porcelain veneers can be chosen so that dark teeth look lighter.

The Simplicity of Installation

Unlike crowns, before installing porcelain veneers, the long-scale processing of dental fabrics is not required.

Excellent Appearance

Porcelain veneers are successfully used to correct curved teeth and to mask pigment spots and spaces between your teeth.

Restored Self-esteem

Veneers will transform your smile and return your confidence in yourself.


porcelain veneers at office

The longevity of the veneers, which are installed today in various clinics, depends on many factors.

Among them:

  • the correctness of care;
  • the frequency of control by a specialist;
  • quality of manufacturing and installation.

We are always responsible for veneers that we have applied. We can give care advice and are ready to monitor the condition of your teeth. Thanks to this, the veneers provided by our dental office can last long time.

How to Care for Veneers

In fact, it is very simple and does not require special care.

  • Regularly brush your teeth (veneers are cleaned in the same way as your teeth);
  • Do not put excessive pressure on the veneers;
  • Visit your dentist twice a year.

Having uneven, broken, and yellow teeth can be very difficult. If you have such problems, porcelain veneers can help you.


We invite you to contact our dentists in Burbank if you or a loved one would like to have porcelain veneers applied on your teeth for a brighter, more attractive smile. If you want to know the details of the procedure or make an appointment for a consultation, call 1-818-578-2324.


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