Nitrous Oxide Burbank

Nitroous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is an effective and safe sedative agent. This version of sedation in Burbank dentist may suggest helping make you more comfortable during certain processes. It can be provided to both children and adults.
More than 45 years ago, Fraser Sweatman developed a feed of nitrous oxide mixture with medical oxygen for sedation with outpatient interventions. Since then, nitrous oxide sedation has become widespread and has proved to be the most effective, completely safe and harmless for patients.
Sedation with the use of nitrous oxide in adults and children is mainly used before the injection of a local anesthetic. It is used with the aim of reducing emotional tension, alleviating anxiety, fear, and eliminating pain. This sedation is almost the ideal soothing agent for reducing sensitivity during dental treatment.

What Is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide is a gas with a pleasant sweetish smell. It is also known as “laughing gas”.  Nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen. The patient receives 50-70% oxygen with no less than 30% nitrous oxide. As a form of conscious sedation, it inhaled through a small mask that suits over your nose to help you relax.
Inhalation of nitrous oxide does not cause unpleasant sensations and does not irritate the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. Small concentrations cause a feeling of intoxication (hence the name “laughing gas”) and mild drowsiness. By inhaling a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, the patient relaxes and feels calm, fear and anxiety disappear. Patients remain fully conscious and are able to respond to requests from medical personnel. It is an effective analgesic agent. The gas is absorbed by the lungs, and at the end of the treatment it is also rapidly excreted and has no aftereffect.

Who Is Shown the Nitrous Oxide Sedation?

  • The anxious, fearful, obstreperous patient;
  • A cooperative child is undergoing a prolonged dental procedure;
  • A patient whose gag reflex prevents with dental care;
  • Children older than three years;
  • Children with moderate anxiety to dental treatment;
  • Restless. Nitrous oxide allows increasing the duration of treatment with comfort for the child twice;
  • Children with hyperactivity syndrome;
  • Children with a low threshold of pain sensitivity;
  • The patients with special health care needs;
  • A patient for whom deep local anesthetic cannot be obtained;
  • With a small amount of treatment, fit into four visits.

Why Do You Need Nitrous Oxide Sedation?

Nitroous Oxide

Sometimes it is terrible for adults and children to be in the dentist’s office. Perhaps this is a negative experience of dental treatment in the past. In this case, the patient may need more help and support than others. Nitrous oxide-oxygen sedation is a safe, effective sedation technology that helps cope with the fear of the dentist Burbank.

What Does It Feel Like?

During the Burbank Nitrous Oxide treatment, you will feel very comfortable and at ease. You are relaxed, but calmly perceive what is happening around you. At the same time, all the basic reflexes are preserved. You breathe independently and can move, hear everything, understand, and talk. In such a state, you without anxiety and unrest can undergo the dental treatment.
If you or your child are worried by the sounds, sights, or sensations of dental treatment, you may replay more positively with the use of nitrous oxide.

Benefits of Nitrous Oxide Sedation

  • Sedation – a safe and effective way to eliminate fear and stress
  • It works rapidly reaching the brain within 20 seconds.
  • Shown for all age categories
  • Easy to manage
  • Nitrous oxide has pleasant, bland, non-irritating order
  • The elimination of nitrous oxide and rapid uptake ensures that no hangover effect is experienced
  • There is a wide margin of safety
  • Indispensable in the treatment of children!
  • The onset of action is rapid
  • Vomiting and nausea are rare
  • There is no need to undergo tests and take tests before applying sedation
  • Sedation reduces the number of visits to the dentist Burbank
  • Effectively removes the gag reflex
  • Nitrous oxide is quickly eliminated from the body (after 30 minutes you can drive the car)
  • Patients remain fully conscious and are able to respond to the dentist’s requests.
  • No preparation of the patient is required
  • Reflex integrity is preserved
  • Recovery is fast

How Is Safe Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide is absolutely safe. This is perhaps the safest sedative used in dentistry. It is well tolerated. Nitrous oxide has a rapidly advancing effect. It can be used in various concentrations and does not cause allergies. You are fully conscious.
All natural reflexes remain normal during the inhalation of the gas mixture. You will be able to hear the dentist’s instructions and carry them out. Nitrous oxide can be used in combination with other sedatives.

Are there any special instructions before using nitrous oxide?

  1. Do not eat tightly before visiting the Burbank dentist, but only a light snack. If you breathe nitrous oxide into a full stomach, you may experience dizziness or nausea.
  2. Be sure to tell your dentist if you have any respiratory problems that make it difficult to breathe through your nose. In this case, nitrous oxide may not be so effective.

Treatment of Teeth Under Nitrous Oxide

Nitroous Oxide

Before the treatment, a mask is put on the nose, through which pure oxygen is fed. Soon it is mixed with nitrous oxide and is brought to the most suitable concentration for you. The effect comes in a few minutes.
Breathing it through the mask, you will feel a slight euphoria, comparable to a weak intoxicating effect. Relaxation will change the feeling of tension, while you remain in consciousness and will be able to control everything that happens.
The effects wear off quickly after treatment. You are generally right to drive home afterward or go to work, unlike other Burbank dental sedation.

The Efficiency of Nitrous Oxide at My Dentist Burbank

Nitrous oxide is very safe, and the effects wear off within minutes of the end of the procedure. The best dentist in Burbank, Dr. Sahakyan, and our dental team are committed to ensuring that your dental experience is comfortable and pleasant. Our dental office is equipped with the most modern diagnostic and necessary equipment for high-quality treatment. All necessary procedures and surgical interventions are conducted using the latest technologies, modern medicines, and materials.
If you have any questions about nitrous oxide and conscious sedation, please call 1-818-578-2332 or contact our dental office today.
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