Dental Implant Procedure Explained Step by Step


Infection, cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, or any other dental disorders can cause extreme damage to our teeth and can be the reasons for a tooth fall. A bad diet and an unhealthy lifestyle are the main reasons for such periodontic disorders. Fortunately, we have solutions for almost every disorder.

Now, a severely damaged tooth or missing teeth affects our smile. Additionally, this makes us feel uncomfortable while speaking because it affects our looks. We do not need to panic much though as we can fix this through a dental implant process. This is a long-lasting solution and can last for 10 to 15 years. If you are also facing similar issues and require a Dentist Burbank, contact our expert dentist Dr. Sahakyan.

Now, a dental implant is one of the most revolutionary inventions for restoring our teeth. It is a very long-lasting solution for teeth replacement. Let us discuss more.

What Is a Dental Implant Process?

A dental implant is a surgical teeth restoration process. Here, the dentists implant tooth roots into the jaw bones below the gum lines to finally place artificial teeth. There are a few steps that dentists go through to complete this teeth restoration process.

Dental implant procedure explained step by step:

Step 1- Thorough checkup of dental health:

At the very beginning, the dentist will examine the patient’s overall dental health condition. Then the dental expert will decide how to proceed exactly.

Step 2- Tooth extraction:

Here the dentist will extract the damaged tooth or teeth using surgery. If needed, the expert may conduct a root canal treatment as well to clean infected pulp as well.

Step 3- Jaw bone grafting:

Jawbones can get damaged due to certain trauma. In such cases, the dentist fixes the bone structure through a surgical process before implanting it. This is known as bone drafting. This is an optional process and is conducted only if needed.

Step 4- Tooth root implant:

In this step, the orthodontic expert conducts surgery to implant metal tooth roots into the jaw bones. This artificial tooth root is made of titanium and is very strong and long-lasting. This is the main support or holder for dental caps or crowns.

Step 5- Post-surgical healing:

dental implant

Before the dentists place the crown or artificial tooth, or dental cap, they make sure that the post-surgical wounds get healed completely. They prescribe medicines and conduct required treatments for that. The time needed to get recovered from the wounds may vary from patient to patient based on the patient’s oral health condition and complexity. Normally, it takes four months to six months for complete healing. But, a diabetic patient may need to wait for more for complete healing.

Step 6- Placing the crown:

This is the last step where the dentist place the crown on the tooth root. A crown is also known as a dental cap and is an artificial tooth. The cap is customized based on the colour, shape, and size of other teeth of the patient.

Now, the patients must take a few post-implant precautions to avoid any unwanted mishaps. For example, the patients should wait for at least 24 hours post-surgery to start the cleaning process. One should use lukewarm water with salt for cleaning his/her mouth. One must eat soft food only to get healed properly and must not ignore visiting his/her dentist regularly.
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