How Do You Know If You Need Braces?

Dental braces enhance the cosmetic look of your mouth by reshaping the teeth to make them rightly aligned. Additionally, braces make it possible to live a healthy life as well. These are popular orthodontic tools that are loved and trusted by millions of dental patients for a long globally. For Burbank Braces treatment, connect us at MyDentistBurbank, one of the leading orthodontic clinics to experience the best dental treatment ever.

Now, before straight away jumping into the discussion about our need for dental braces or not, let us find out more about these braces.

What Are Orthodontic Dental Braces?

Dental braces are globally recognized orthodontic tools used to restore our teeth from various structural disorders. Traditional braces are made of iron wires, long-lasting elastic bands, and brackets. Moreover, these braces force the teeth to make them straight and perfectly aligned. These tools improve our chewing ability, correct jaw positions, and give us our smiles back which enhances our personality.

Besides, Lingual and ceramic braces are also available. These braces are placed just bet behind the teeth and remain unnoticeable.
Braces are widely used both by children and adults and are cheaper as compared to Invisalign. Now, you need to understand when to use dental braces for treatment.

How Do You Know If You Need Braces?


  1. Overbite and crossbite issues: Confused? This orthodontic jargons may make you feel confused but these issues are common and can make you think of braces. Overbite is an oral malocclusion type. In this scenario, the upper layer of our teeth extends away from the lower teeth when we close our mouths remain closed. Hence, a big gap is created between the top and bottom layers of teeth. In addition to this, it affects teeth alignments also.
  2.  Similar to overbite disorder, crossbite is also a type of dental malocclusion. Here, unlike overbite, the lower layer of teeth fits ahead of the top layer of teeth. This creates an unusual gap too. If you have such issues, consult a dentist. He would suggest the perfect braces for you.
  3. Existing teeth gaps: If you have a gap between teeth then you may need braces to fix them. It is important to wear braces in such conditions. Gaps attract bacteria because of stuck food particles inside them and cause teeth decay.
  4. Chewing problem: If you face difficulty while chewing food items because of existing dental disorders if may need braces. Moreover, if you often accidentally bite your tongue or other reachable parts while you eat or speak then maybe it is time to consult a dentist for braces.
  5. Irregular or crowded teeth: If you have irregular teeth overlapping with each other and at the same time causing pain, you may need dental braces. You must not ignore such dental conditions and consult a dentist. This problem happens due to the size difference between teeth, jaw, etc.
  6. Jaw pain: If you feel pain in your jaw area and also have a headache then you must visit a dental clinic for treatment. Misaligned teeth can be one of the main reasons for these issues. A dentist can thoroughly check your oral condition and suggest braces for you.

Dental malocclusions and other teeth alignment issues are common. You only need a thorough treatment to restore normal oral life. Visit us to consult a Dentist Burbank for treatment. You can also explore our official website to gather more information on various dental problems, their treatments, and our roles involved.

At MyDentistBurbank call us at 8185782332 for advance slot booking. Dr. Sahakyan, our orthodontic expert can guide you to resolve your dental issues and lead a healthy life.

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