Is Sparkling Water Bad for Your Teeth?

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Water is life. To survive we must drink adequate water. It protects us from getting dehydrated as well. Not only plain water, plenty of liquid in form of soft drinks are available in the market. A lot of them are quite popular too.

Soft drinks are popular among both kids and adults. It seems that these products give us some kind of mental pleasure to us. As a result, like alcohol, a lot of us get addicted to these drinks. Now, are they healthy? Are they good for our dental health? Mostly, the answer is a big no. To know more about how soft drinks affect your teeth and other dental concerns connect us at MyDentistBurbank for consulting our expert Dentist in Burbank, Dr. Sahakyan.
To continue again with drinks, let us talk about sparkling water which has become a popular drink among households. The questions remain the same though for this drink. Is it good or bad for our teeth and overall health? Now, before answering this let us first, dive deep into the soft drinks.

What Are Soft Drinks?

Soft drinks are non-alcoholic liquid beverages. Most such drinks contain carbonated water, high levels of sugar, artificial flavour, food colour, citric acid, phosphoric acid, and at times even caffeine. As mentioned before, these drinks are mostly hated by fitness freaks. Even, doctors, diet planners, and nutritionists suggest not consuming these drinks. Do you know why it is so?

  • Put extra calories into your body: The more you drink soft drinks, the more you gain weight with added calories in your body. This is bad for your body and can cause heart attacks and other complications.
  • Excessive sugar: Soft drinks contain excessive sugar bad enough for tooth decay.
  • Reduce calcium from bones: Phosphoric acid and citric acid are both harmful to your bones as they reduce calcium. Now, this harms your overall health including dental health as well.
  • No nutritional value added: These drinks contain zero nutritional value.

So, to summarize, soft drinks are bad for your general health and affect your teeth badly. Now, let us move into sparkling water, a happening sensation for the mass.

What Is Sparkling Water?

Is this just plain water? No, it when is also carbonated water with no sugar added. When carbon dioxide gas is forcibly mixed or added to water by using pressure it is called sparkling water. We often name it club soda, soda water, seltzer water, and fizzy water. Though at first glance it looks like soda it is not. You can see a lot of bubbles inside which creates an impression of fizzy water similar to soda. It contains no sugar though in general. Now the big question is, does it harm your teeth?

Is Sparkling Water Bad for Your Teeth?

Honestly, it is not that harmful to our teeth as compared to other soft drinks. It almost acts like natural water in the sense that it does not damage the enamel of our teeth. But again, consuming excessive sparkling water can harm your teeth. Any carbonated water contains acid which is bad for our teeth.

It is important to note that sparkling water from a few brands contains artificial flavour and a bit of sugar. Those products comparatively cause more harm to our teeth than normal sparkling water.

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