When Is a Dental Crown Recommended?

dental problems

In modern days we can tackle dental disorders in better ways than before. Thanks to the advancement in the world of dentistry. Whether you have a crooked tooth, a missing tooth, or teeth, you can have it replaced through a dental implant process. An artificial tooth, popularly known as a dental crown or a cap is placed as a tooth replacement. This is a widely accepted and tested teeth restoration technique. If you are also facing issues with missing teeth or crooked teeth just connect us. At MyDentistBurbank, you can consult the best Dentist Burbank to resolve all of your oral concerns. Now, if you are curious about dental crowns and willing to know when a crown is needed, you must know a bit about the dental implant process.

What Is a Dental Implant Process?

A dental implant is a surgical process where the dentists fit or implant an artificial tooth root into the jaw bones. They implant root roots below the gum lines. More simply, these tooth roots work as the base for artificial teeth. After the post-surgical wounds get healed the orthodontic experts finally place the dental caps or crowns on the tooth root. The crowns are customised according to the size, shape, and colour of surrounding teeth. Thus, these teeth look perfect and real. Now, you may ask when you exactly need to opt for dental crowns.

When Is a Dental Crown Recommended?

dental problems

Only a professional dentist can answer this question in the best possible manner but still, you can consider the following factors:

1. Crowns are recommended after you went through a Root Canal therapy:

Dentists conduct root canal treatment to remove the infected portion of your teeth. For this, they need to make a hollow in your tooth. As a result, the remaining portion of the teeth becomes weaker and chances are there that the existing portion breaks as well. Moreover, the hollow remains intact and gets infected too. To tackle this, dentists recommend dental crowns as permanent teeth replacements.

2. Extreme cavity:

If a tooth is infected and covered with a cavity, then just cleaning will not work. It may reform again and spread to the other sections of your teeth and gums. Here, a dental crown is preferred.

3. Crooked teeth:

Crooked teeth can cause pain. Though crooked teeth can be natural but in most cases, crooked teeth occur because of our bad habits. For example, biting our nails, sucking our thumbs (a childhood habit), chewing objects like pens and pencils out of thoughts and tension, and chewing harder food items cause this issue. Dentists often recommend the removal of these damaged teeth and go for dental crowns via dental implants.

4. Cosmetic enhancement:

At times, dentists recommend placing a crown to enhance the look of the overall teeth structure. This also depends on the desire of the patient. If no other restoration processes fit the scenario, crowns become the only option for dentists.

5. Long-lasting technique:

Crowns are mostly placed via dental implantations, where titanium-based tooth roots are implanted into the jaw bones. These artificial tooth roots are sturdy and last for a long time.
You must take care of your teeth and dental crowns. Avoid drinking alcohol and junk food. Quit smoking. Use soft toothbrushes only and always visit your dentist regularly as precautionary measures.

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