Do Veneers Work on Crooked Teeth?

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Veneers are one of the most advanced discoveries in the world of orthodontics. This is a tool used to structurally restore our teeth. Be it the shapes of teeth, teeth alignment, teeth stains, teeth gaps, or crooked teeth, veneers fix these all. Yes! You have got this right. Veneers can work well on crooked teeth also but with a few conditions. Until and unless there is a medical need to remove a tooth or teeth or other complexity that can only be fixed by braces, veneers do work well.

Now, for any teeth-related problems or any other oral issues visit us at MyDentistBurbank for consulting a Dentist Burbank. First, we must know what a veneer is and its features.

Coming to the point, as mentioned earlier also, a veneer can fix crooked teeth. But before we dig more into how, let us explore what crooked teeth are.

What Are Crooked Teeth?

Crooked teeth are misaligned, out of the shape teeth. We can have these sorts of teeth from birth. Furthermore, normal teeth can slowly become crooked due to the following reasons.

  • In childhood, a lot of us had habits of sucking our thumbs. This habit can cause this disorder.
  • Chewing hard food, chewing hard objects like pens, pencils, etc. out of tension or habits.
  • Irregular jaw bone shape can be a reason for crooked teeth.
  • Crooked teeth can be a genetic disorder as well.
  • If we face dental injury, can cause crooked teeth too.
  • Poor dental hygiene can lead to such a disorder.

Now, like braces and Invisalign, dental veneers too can reshape our teeth but with lesser complications.

What Is a Dental Veneer?


At the very beginning, we mentioned a bit about veneers. It is an advanced teeth restoration tool that we use mainly to cosmetically enhance the look of our teeth. With veneer, we fix teeth alignment issues. Besides, it fixes crooked teeth, and gaps between teeth as well. But how does it resolve these structural disorders? A dental veneer is a customized layer attached to the outer layer of our teeth. A veneer pushes our teeth to forcefully reshape them. So, it is very thin and can be made of different materials.

Types of Veneers:

  • Ceramic or Porcelain veneer: This is made of a thin layer of ceramic. This looks real and fits directly into the teeth. So, this enhances the cosmetic look of our teeth. These last for almost fifteen years if we take care of the veneers properly.
  • Composite Resin Veneer: This is cheaper compared to ceramic veneers. This type of veneer is made of composite resin and the color is customized to match our teeth so that it looks perfect and real. However, a dentist applies this veneer directly to the patient’s teeth. So, this type of veneer lasts for three to seven years with proper maintenance and care taken.

Do Veneers Work on Crooked Teeth?

Now, a ceramic or porcelain veneer is the most suitable veneer that can fix crooked teeth. Porcelain veneers are customized using 3D technology based on the shape and color of other teeth. Thus, it helps fix crooked teeth. But for complex issues, other solutions are available.

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