What To Do When If You’ve Lost A Dental Tooth Filling

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You get a filling if you have a cavity. How long a filling lasts depends on everyday wear and tear and the kind of care you practice. In due course, the fillings need to be replaced. At times, they fall out. Here’s what to make out if that happens to you.
If you are looking to know what to do if a filling falls out? Let’s explain. The primary thing you should do if you lose a filling is to call your dentist and let him know what happened. In case, your filling falls out on the weekend, leave a message, or call the emergency number.
Now, you must be wondering to know what to expect at your dental appointment. Well, your dentist will inspect and X-ray your tooth to find out your best option. Here are three options he or she may think about:

  • You May Get a New Filling

If your dentist thinks your tooth can be patched up, you may get another filling. There is a range of types of filings. If it’s a molar or a premolar, you may have the option of an amalgam (silver) filling or composite and glass ionomer material. If it’s a front tooth, the best aesthetic option is a composite and glass ionomer filling. As your back teeth do lots of chewing, your dentist may use amalgam filling. To put it in simple words, it is a tougher material and will last longer. One thing to note, as many fillings are exceedingly noticeable, many dentists let their patients make the choice.

  • You May Perhaps Need a Crown, Root Canal, or Cap

In case there’s a deep cavity or exposure to the tooth’s nerve, your dentist will suggest you consult a specialist for a root canal and a crown.

  • You Possibly Require a Tooth Extraction

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In exceptional situations, the loss of a filling tooth may be so harsh that the only alternative is extraction. If this happens, your dentist will propose a treatment plan to restore your tooth with a detachable bridge or a dental implant.

How to Protect Fillings?

Lots of things can add to a feeling of getting broken. It can be tooth wear from clamping together to bacteria seeping out into the fillings’ margins and causing rot. This is simply because the filling is old and substitution is needed.
If you ignore it, a lost filling can lead to a root canal and possible tooth loss. To help keep your fillings from falling out, regular dental care is important. During these appointments, your dentist can find out the potential problems. The professional may spot uneven wear even before you realize you have a problem. You’ll get proper oral hygiene instructions to help control bacterial plaque.
If a filling does fall out without warning, contact your dentist immediately for repairs. It is important to keep in mind that no filling will last forever. Accordingly, it’s important to continue with regular visits to your dentist. He or she will help find out when is the best time to be proactive and put back a reinstatement.

MyDentistBurbank for Burbank Dental Tooth Filling

If the tooth is structurally good enough and the crown still fits correctly, Dr. Sahakyan will clean the area and then reinstate the crown. In case, the tooth has been affected by decay, Dr. Sahakyan, your Dentist in Burbank will prepare the tooth again by removing the decay. He would make a new filling or crown to restore the old one. Call us at 8185782332.

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