The Importance of Dental Exams and Teeth Cleaning

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A dental examination means a simple routine check-up of your teeth and gums. This must be done at least twice a year – every six months – or as suggested by the Burbank dentist. This is because a regular dental exam lets your dentist know how healthy your oral hygiene is.
Most importantly, you may already be taking good care of your dental hygiene at home by brushing and regular flossing. However, they aren’t always enough because you may still sometimes get dental issues. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consult the Burbank dentist regularly.

Why Are Dental Exams Important?

Dr. Sahakyan will carry out a dental exam in Burbank at his dental clinic. He will check for any signs of decay or cavities, and gum disease. Besides that, a regular dental examination will help in the early diagnosis of oral cancer or even diabetes.
Remember that such problems may not always show visible signs. They can only be noticed at the advanced stage. Only when you feel inflammation or severe pain do these issues become noticeable. Therefore, getting a regular dental exam in Burbank can help in the detection. You can get treatment for such problems.

What If There’s a Problem?

Dr. Sahakyan, the best dentist in Burbank, detects any serious issues during the exam. He accordingly recommends a thorough dental cleaning. This is quite different from the regular cleaning techniques you use at home. Mention may be made by brushing or flossing.
Dental cleaning involves the complete cleansing of your teeth and gums. In fact, the process involves the whole mouth treatment, using special dentistry tools. Ask your dentist for more advice on the technique. Inquire if you need one.
The dentist in Burbank, Dr. Sahakyan, might suggest one only in the following cases:

  • Possible signs of tooth decay or cavity formation in one tooth or several teeth
  • Gum recession
  • Gum disease
  • A build-up of plaque or tartar on the teeth
  • Remove teeth staining
  • Bad breath

Is Teeth Cleaning Necessary?

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You may be taking careful steps of brushing your teeth in the morning and at night. Besides that, you may even be regularly flossing them for extra cleaning care. However, oral dental issues may still arise at any time, with anybody.
There could be several reasons for this. For example, dietary habits, lifestyle, inadequate or improper techniques, etc. Therefore, it’s a must to go for a routine dental exam. Moreover, if Dr. Sahakyan tells you of a problem, let him take care of it immediately with a dental cleaning in Burbank.
A professional dental cleaning procedure will help you in the following ways:

  1. Stop Cavity Formation – Plaque is the major contributor to tooth decay. It results in enamel wear-off. If not taken care of immediately, can cause cavities. Your dentist at My Dentist Burbank office can help remove dental plaque during tooth cleanings.
  2. Save Your Teeth – Cavity, if left unattended, can eat up your tooth. This may result in decaying and eventual tooth loss. Most important, it may even spread to nearby teeth and cause problems elsewhere too. Professional dental cleaning Burbank procedures can help prevent this problem. Removing plaque and cavity, it can help prevent tooth loss at an early stage.
  3. Maintain Overall Oral Health – Dental cleanings are known to cure dental problems. But besides that, they are also important for your complete oral hygiene. They help stop plaque and tartar build-up. It prevents bad breath and treats gum recession and disease.

Dental examinations are a routine part of maintaining good long-lasting teeth. Let a professional like Dr. Sahakyan guide you through these. He’s known for carrying out excellent dental cleanings too. Book him for your next dental exam at 1-818-578-2332.

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