A Step-by-Step Guide for Handling Dental Emergencies

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A dental emergency ideally refers to a tooth or gum injury deemed to be serious and unexpected. Therefore, it’s highly important to take care of it before serious or permanent damage is done. Furthermore ignoring a dental emergency and taking it casually may result in elaborate and expensive treatment later on. In fact, Dentist Burbank can help you identify whether you have a dental emergency and how to take care of it. If you have a dental emergency in Burbank call My Dentist Burbank to schedule an appointment with one of our dentists.

Common Dental Emergencies

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  • Gum abscess
  • Pulpal abscess
  • Swelling of the gums
  • Tooth or gum bleeding
  • Broken tooth/teeth
  • Pain upon biting
  • Tooth or gum infection
  • Cracked tooth
  • Inflammation around the wisdom tooth
  • Accidental injury to a tooth
  • Lost filling/crown
  • Broken braces

Signs of Emergency Dental Care Need

In the case of most emergencies, signs of swelling, bleeding, and unusual severe pain are the most evident. If you notice any of these, it’s best to consult Emergency Dentist Burbank, Dr. Sahakyan for immediate assistance.

How To Handle Dental Emergencies?

As a matter of fact, an experienced dentist like Dr. Sahakyan can help guide you on the most appropriate treatment for your dental emergency. Quickly visit Burbank Dentist whenever you come across any unusual signs and be rest assured of excellent professional care.
Meanwhile, step by step approach to handling dental emergencies is suggested by Dr. Sahakyan.


  • Rinse your mouth well with lukewarm water.
  • Floss to remove any food particles possibly stuck between teeth.
  • In case of external swelling, use a cold compress on the cheek.
  • Avoid putting a painkiller against the gums near the tooth that aches because it may cause the gum
  • tissue to burn.
  • See Emergency Dentist Burbank as soon as possible.

Chipped or broken tooth


  • First, save the broken piece.
  • Use warm water to rinse the mouth and the broken piece too.
  • In case of bleeding, cold compress the area using a small gauze piece until the bleeding stops.
  • Visit the dentist.

Lost Filling

  • Until you visit your dentist, you may place a piece of sugarless gum on the cavity. You can also find dental cement available over the counter.

Lost Crown

  • In case your crown falls off, keep it safe until you see your dentist.
  • If you’re experiencing a toothache, apply clove oil to reduce sensitivity.
  • You can also try to slip the crown back over the tooth; most important, see your dentist ASAP.
  • If you choose to do it yourself, use dental cement, toothpaste, or denture adhesive to hold the
  • crown together. Use them to coat the inner surface of the crown.

Broken Braces

  • If a brace wire sticks out of its bracket, try pushing it back with the eraser end of a pencil.
  • If that’s not possible, cover its end with orthodontic wax, a small cotton ball, or gauze.
  • Don’t try cutting the wire as you may swallow it or breathe it into the lungs.


  • This is a kind of tooth or gum infection and needs emergency Burbank dentist care.
  • For immediate but temporary relief, try salt-water gargling a few times in the day.

Soft Tissue Injury

  • Use salt water to rinse your mouth.
  • Take a moist gauze piece to control bleeding.
  • Besides that, a cold compress will help provide pain relief too.
  • Visit the best dentist in Burbank immediately for treatment.

To sum up, if you are not able to handle the pain, reach a clinic with supportive air of professionalism offering all kinds of emergency facilities such as My Dentist Burbank.
Dr. Sahakyan is available at 1-818-578-2332 for all kinds of dental emergency care. For the purpose of booking an appointment; connect today.

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