Dental Bite and Its Effect on the Face Shape

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We’re all born differently and blessed with different facial features. Sadly, this theory looks good only on paper because, in real life, people tend to worry about the way they look. More so when they end up comparing their facial appearance with that of others. Dental bite, simply known as the way our upper and lower jaw align with each other, affects the way we look. Rather, it has the ability to change the entire shape of the face.
The sections below detail how this happens but most important, how it can be treated. My Dentist Burbank offers corrective treatments for all dental bite issues. All treatments are delivered under the expert supervision of Dr. Sahakyan, the best dentist in Burbank.

How Dental Bite Affects Face Shape

It’s interesting to note that the jawline we’re endowed with and haven’t much control over affects the way we look. It could be in the form of overbite or underbite. However, it has the power to make people feel a slight ‘complex’ over the way they look. Let’s see how.
Before we proceed, let’s first understand what’s a dental overbite. It refers to the extent that the upper teeth overlap with the lower ones. Generally, a bite that’s almost 4-10 mm deep is a deep overbite. It’s also known as malocclusion, which the Burbank dentist says, needs treatment.
With such a deep bite, the chin of the person appears recessive or is pushed back by the upper jawline. Burbank dentist Dr. Sahakyan says that most often, it’s difficult to understand the inherent connection between the jawline and facial looks. In fact, some patients might even suffer from low self-esteem. This is because they feel that their face, head, and neck are not in harmony with each other.
Such people may have lower jaws that look small, a lower face that looks unusually short, thin lips, and a small chin. Moreover, such people tend to have short round faces, very similar to those of the elderly.
Most importantly, your expert dentist in Burbank explains how bite affects overall health too.

Effects of Dental Bite on Health

Research proves that stress resulting from the condition of malocclusion (wrong dental bite) reduces the quality of life, health rate, and longevity of the person. The problem tends to affect not just the facial shape but a person’s speech, chewing, and grinding ability too. When upper and lower jaws fail to rub against each other because of misalignment, routine tasks like chewing become daunting.

How to Correct Dental Overbite?

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The team at My Dentist Burbank maintains that there isn’t any specific age to rectify bite effects. This is despite the fact that the problem could be genetic and from an early age. Treatment is available at the Burbank clinic and you may also choose from several options, based on your need. We suggest taking up a consultation session with the expert – Dr. Sahakyan first. He would guide you on the various treatment options and suggest what’d work best for you.
Orthodontic braces are generally, but not always, the most common line of treatment widely accepted for a malocclusion (wrong dental bite). The dental fitting is not very time-consuming neither too heavy on the pocket. Besides that, it’s no longer considered ideal only for teenagers. Most adults, men and women alike, are going in for braces to correct their jawline, crooked teeth, and tooth spaces.
You may directly get in touch with the clinic at 1-818-578-2332 and consult the dental staff before proceeding with the treatment. Misalignment of dental bites is normal, and unavoidable, but is treatable.

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