What Are These Black Lines Around My Teeth and Gums?


Oral health is essential for general well-being. The black lines on teeth happen because of numerous reasons. Whatsoever the cause might be, the outcome is the worsening of your attractive teeth.

Causes of Black Lines On Teeth: Dentist Burbank

The black tints at the neck of the tooth in the form of a line are the black lines on the teeth. It happens in numerous forms. It can be dots or lines of abundant thicknesses.
These black lines also form as a result of tartar or dental calculus. When oral plaque is left unwashed, it absorbs dissimilar minerals and forms a crusty layer of tartar.
You can eliminate such tartar development by professional cleaning, which includes root planing and scrapping using special tools. Many people get puzzled by black lines with cavities. However, both are different; to put it in simple words, cavities can cause black lines.
You lose your healthy smile when tartar or cavities are present. The black lines or tinges can happen due to other reasons like receding gums.
The usual color of teeth is whitish-yellow or whitish-grey. Calcium is white. Teeth have a whitish appearance because the enamel is made up of calcium.
The color of your dentin can be seen through the enamel. This is how your teeth have grey or yellow tints. Dentin can get discolored. External reasons stain enamel as well.
To put it in simple words, as we age, the color of our teeth diminishes. This is usual. But the development of black lines or tartar build-ups is principal because of bad dental habits.
Black lines form gradually; so if you observe such tints, consult a dentist.

Significant Causes:

dental care

  • Poor Oral Hygiene
  • Tobacco
  • Intake of Sugar in Large Quantities
  • Certain Medication
  • Tartar Build up

How To Remove Black Lines on Teeth?

Insignificant or strong, all kinds of tartar can be detached by a dentist. Home remedies are not that effective. The dentist carries out scaling and roots planning to eliminate the black tartar from your teeth and gum line. Once tartar accrues on your teeth, only a dental professional can remove it.

Preventive Measures

Though eradicating black lines on teeth is an annoying process, prevention is super easy. If you can maintain some simple steps habitually, you can sidestep spending time in a dentist’s clinic. Good oral hygiene can prevent any abnormalities on your teeth, be it black lines or gum disease.
Brushing your teeth regularly supports not only upholding oral hygiene but also eradicating plaque. An electric toothbrush is more productive in cleaning your teeth. You should brush your teeth twice a day without fail.

Burbank Black Lines Around Teeth


Using calculus removal toothpaste is also beneficial. There is fluoride in such toothpaste that kills germs or bacteria in your mouth. There is less or no chance for cavities and black line formation; in the absence of plaque-causing bacteria.
Flossing is essential to eliminate any trapped particles on your teeth. A toothbrush cannot reach each nook and corner of the teeth properly. Flossing habitually keeps your teeth hygienic and evades problems like bad breath.
It is suggested to use an antiseptic mouthwash to kill all the bacteria and germs present in your mouth. This stops plaque development and eventually black tartar.
The black lines on your teeth, to put it in simple words, can steal your white smile. Stay away from such a condition. Consult a dentist immediately. Practice good oral hygiene and protect your smile.
If you have a black line on your tooth, it is important that getting it checked is exceedingly essential. Call us at 8185782332. At MyDentistBurbank, Dr. Sahakyan advises on appropriate oral health and overall well-being.

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