Why Are My Child’s Adult Teeth Coming in Yellow?

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There’s nothing better than your child’s adult teeth coming out. Worried because you noticed your little one’s teeth are looking a bit yellow recently. Don’t worry! There could be numerous reasons for it.

Anything from poor dental sanitation to genetics may be to blame. Depending on the reason, there are a variety of ways you can help improve things.
Here’s more about why your child’s teeth may be stained, what homely remedies may be followed, and when you should discuss with your child’s dentist.

Reasons My Child’s Adult Teeth Are Yellow

While it’s completely standard for adult teeth to look more yellow, some aspects may lead adult teeth to have a dark, odd yellow tint. Some of the most known reasons for sternly yellow, newly exploded adult teeth are:

  • Dental Injury

dental problems

If your child’s adult tooth is wounded from a fall, it can cause the tooth to become sternly discolored. Frequently, incapacitated adult teeth will have a dark yellow tint to them.

  • Genetics

Teeth come in many shapes, sizes, and shades. Did your child’s teeth come in more yellow than normal? Well, they may be genetically determined to be more yellow than others.

  • Poor Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is vital to oral health and the shade of teeth. If baby teeth are not taken care of properly, your child is more likely to have brighter adult teeth. If their oral hygiene is ignored, their tooth coloring will replicate it.

  • Plaque

Not brushing properly may cause a collection of plaque on the tooth’s surface, making it look yellow.

Not only that, certain food and drink can also discolor teeth. When these elements aren’t brushed away appropriately day after day, they can cause build-up and discoloration.

  • Medications

Some medications can truly cause adult teeth to be more yellow than they should be. Dentists evade prescribing a few antibiotics, such as tetracycline, to pregnant mothers. This is because they can have a chemical response with the tooth enamel, leading to severe yellow tooth tints.

How To Treat Your Child’s Permanent Teeth When They Get Yellow?

Should I Take My Child for Dental Treatments to Cure This Problem?

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Keep in mind that a permanent teeth outbreak with yellow hues is not an unusual thing. It goes on its own when the child grows up.
However, dental treatment is important if you or your spouse has any genetically inherited tooth complications and notice yellow-colored permanent teeth outbreak. Speak to your pediatric dentist to understand the root cause. The dentist would suggest a suitable treatment for your little one as well.
Conversely, your toddler should participate in certain corrective measures to dispose of this problem. Here are a few:

  • Sustain a well-balanced diet with healthy edibles
  • Practice good dental habits
  • Go for professional dental cleanings at regular intervals

Schedule Your Child’s Dental Cleaning with us for Burbank Yellow Teeth

Whether your child is dealing with yellow or not, be sure to keep up with your child’s dental check-ups. If you are in the Burbank area; visit us at MyDentistBurbank. Visit us twice a year to keep tartar at bay and any other concerns, like cavities, etc. Noticed that your child has abnormally yellow adult teeth coming in? We then recommend contacting Dr. Sahakyan to help identify the cause and form a treatment plan as per their needs. Ensure that your child properly brushes and flosses at home. Give them biannual dental cleanings to help lessen plaque and tartar buildup.

Looking for a dependable Dentist in Burbank; call us at 8185782332.

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