Five Dentistry Myths Debunked by a Burbank Dentist

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There are myths about dentistry that people assume as true. Myths can be very dangerous when they have to do with health. You need to know the truth about the density and make educated choices. Believing in a myth can damage your oral and overall health. Today we are going to debunk five dentistry myths that are commonly known and told to the Burbank dentist.

Myth #1: I do not have a toothache. I don’t need a dentist visit.

Many dental problems start without pain or other signs. When there is a new cavity developing in your mouth, in the beginning it does not give you a toothache. This does not mean that you do not have a developing cavity or a periodontal disease at the early stage of the disease. If you visit the Burbank dentist at least twice a year you are not going to run into this problem. The dentist will check your teeth and gums for any potential problems.

Myth #2: My gums do not bleed, I don’t have any gum disease.Eliminating Bad Breath

Gum disease at its early stage is not accompanied by bleeding gums. Only after the disease is not treated at the early stage, your gums start to bleed. At this stage it becomes obvious that you need to visit a dentist. It would be much easier for the dentist to treat a gum disease that is not accompanied by bleeding.

Myth #3: Bad breath is a result of bad brushing.

Not always bad breath is a result of bad brushing. There are many dental diseases and general health conditions that can cause bad breath. If you feel unable to eliminate bad breath with brushing and other oral hygiene care you need to seek a professional help. Dentist can determine the cause of bad breath, which often times has nothing to do with bad brushing.

Myth #4: I am taking care of my teeth at home, I do not need a dental visit.taking care of teeth at home

Taking care of your teeth is very important. You can visit the dentist every week, but without a proper oral hygiene at home you are not going to have healthy teeth. The opposite is also true. If you do not visit a dentist at least twice a year, it is impossible to have healthy teeth. The dentist examines your teeth and oral cavity visually. If needed the dentist has a vast choice of tools to diagnose a disease at the early stage. X-Ray of the teeth, for example, can reveal an inflammatory process that is staring in your tooth, but is still unnoticeable by the patient.

Myth #5: Chewing gum has the same effect as flossing.

Chewing gum can help to reduce the remnants of food in your mouth after eating. Gum can refresh your mouth smell and reduce the amount of food remains on your teeth and gums. It would be a very bad misconception to put the chewing gum on the same line as flossing your teeth. Flossing is the second most important oral hygiene ritual after tooth brushing. Tooth brushing with a fluoride toothpaste cleans the tooth from food remnants and bacteria, but does not clean the interdental area. It is very important to floss your teeth in order to clean the interdental space. If you brush your teeth, but do not floss them, you risk developing cavities and other dental diseases. Chewing gum cannot replace, flossing because the interdental spaces are left untouched.

Woman having toothache from cavities

If you believed to any of those dentistry myths, your dental health is at risk. Regular dental visits, and  proper home care are crucial in having a healthy and beautiful smile. To schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Burbank, contact us or call 1-818-578-2332.

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