Latest Techniques of Cavity Treatment and Prevention in Burbank


A dental cavity is one of the most common oral diseases. When it occurs, tooth enamel is damaged. The first sign of a cavity is a dark spot on the enamel. If you ignore its appearance, the stain may increase in diameter. The pathology spreads deeper into the tooth tissue, resulting in a hole. When the cavity destroys enamel and affects the dentin, it gets to the pulp, which can lead to very serious consequences.

According to the Burbank dentist, the treatment of the cavities is absolutely painless and is aimed at removing the damaged tooth tissues without causing harm to healthy areas.

New methods of cavity treatment

Laser Treatment


With the help of a laser beam, you can find and remove the affected areas of the tooth, as well as disinfect the dental cavity. This method completely prevents the development of cavities under the filling and has no contraindications. It is often used to treat children and women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


The new treatment method, called resin infiltration, is a way to treat small cavities in between teeth. A special gel is applied to the affected area of ​​enamel. The tooth is treated with alcohol and finally coated with resin-polymer. The advantages of this method are the high speed of treatment and the complete absence of pain.

Ozone Treatment

At the initial stages of the treatment of cavities, it is enough to destroy the microorganisms that destroy the tooth and saturate the enamel with minerals to restore its strength. For this purpose, ozone is used. Ozone quickly removes all bacteria, after which the surface is subjected to remineralization.

Air-Abrasive Method

The affected tissues are removed by the action of a jet of the smallest particles. This method can be used to treat cavities at various stages. But it cannot be used for the treatment of hard-to-reach tooth areas.

Stem Cells Method

The stem cells technique is developed by Japanese scientists. The use of stem cells will make you completely forget about the filling and removal of teeth. The pulp cells modified with stem cells are able to fill the tooth with completely healthy tissue.

Top 3 Ways to Prevent Dental Cavities


  • Follow basic dental care rules.
  • Change your eating habits
  • Regular dental checkups and cleanings

Follow the Basic Dental Care Rules

If you want to protect your teeth from cavities, follow these steps in the morning and evening:

  • Brush your teeth for  2 minutes at least 2 times a day. Try to walk across the entire surface of the teeth, not forgetting about the far corners.
  • Use dental floss. Brushing your teeth is not as effective as it is with flossing.
  • Do not forget the mouthwash. Any of them has an antibacterial effect.

Change Your Eating habits

According to research, a change in diet can actually reverse cavities formation. We already know that consuming high-sugar foods leads to cavities. However, by changing your eating habits, you are unlikely to encounter such a problem.

  • Eat more calcium: this is the main component of bones and teeth. Use dairy products every day (milk, yogurt, sour cream, cheese).
  • Drink drinks without sugar, and avoid soda and juices. Drink plain water, fruit smoothies, and unsweetened tea.

Regular Dental Checkups and Cleanings

Regular professional dental cleaning is a very important step in the fight against the formation of tooth holes. The Burbank dentist will clean the line at the gum from the front and back of the teeth, and remove plaque and tartar. Many people like to go for professional dental cleaning, especially for the pleasant feeling of the smoothness of the teeth after it. The procedure must be performed at least 2 times a year.

Often, a cavity can cause more serious dental diseases. So you need to be attentive to the health of the oral cavity, apply preventive measures, and not neglect visits to the Burbank dentist. Only healthy teeth can be beautiful, so it is important to monitor their condition and, if necessary, choose a good dental office with advanced technologies and qualified specialists.

The experienced Burbank dentist, Dr. Sahakyan can help you create a foundation of good oral health that will last a lifetime. Please call 1-818-578-2332 for an appointment today.

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