Which Foods Stain the Teeth?

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More often than not, we eat without giving it much thought. The reason is craving foods that tempt us. Foods that draw us towards them that we barely think of any possible effects (or side effects) they may have. These effects could be on our overall health, but also our oral health. This is because teeth are the first point of contact for everything we eat – good or bad.

One such effect of foods caused on our teeth is staining. All that we eat comes in different colors and textures. Therefore, it tends to leave a mark or stain on our teeth, which may sometimes not even get cleaned with brushing. This natural process takes place over time. However, it does have a solution. Visit our dentist in Burbank that would tell you all about staining and how to restore teeth’s natural luster.

However, before we get to the treatment, let’s first understand what foods can cause dental staining. The dentists at My Dentist Burbank list the following.

Top Stain-Causing Foods

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  1. Coffee and tea – Coffee and tooth staining go a long way back. It may be a tasty beverage but not a great choice to retain shiny teeth. Our dentists say similar things about tea.  The staining effect depends on the brew. Particularly black brew tea causes more staining. Besides that, even herbal and white tea has been known to result in enamel wear-off.
  2. Sauces – Another of the long list of foods at the Burbank dental office that is a no-no includes sauces. Most importantly, the ones come in deep colors like thick soy, tomato ketchup, and curry. They not only stain clothes but also your teeth. Our dentist advises using light-colored or creamy sauces instead, along with rinsing and brushing upon consumption.
  3. Sports drinks – Red Bull and the like may give instant energy after a hard workout but aren’t too good for your tooth life. They can wear down tooth enamel, thereby making it vulnerable to stains. Drinking water during or after physical activity might be a better idea for your health, both oral and otherwise.
  4. Wine – If you thought red wine might, but white wine can’t stain your teeth because of the color, think again. The fact that white wine contains even more acid than its other counterparts proves this theory wrong. Acid means enamel corrosion and eventual staining.
  5. Berry fruits – Blueberries, blackberries, cherries, or pomegranates, all leave stains behind. Avoid excessive consumption, rinse and brush soon after. There’s no rule to completely avoid them; they’re good for your heart and overall health. Besides that, eat more white grapes and white cranberries. They are less likely to stain your teeth.
  6. Candies – Kids love to show off their tongues and change color after eating different-colored popsicles. Any food, which can change the color of your tongue, lips, or clothes, can change your teeth’ color too.

How to Prevent Tooth Staining?

The idea is not to stop the consumption of such foods and beverages completely; that’d be asking for too much. Instead, try and cut back a little on each of them. Being aware of what you eat and how much, and consciously cutting back is the key to good oral health.
You may even try out other means to avoid tooth staining while enjoying a cheat meal or drink. For instance, use straws to sip sodas, colas, iced teas, and juices. This prevents the acidic liquid from sticking to your teeth.

Most important, visit our dentist regularly for regular dental checkups in Burbank advice on staining and foods to avoid. Call 1-818-578-2332 for an appointment at My Dentist Burbank today.

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