Knocked-Out Tooth (Avulsed Tooth) in Burbank

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A tooth that has been “knocked out” of its original place is also referred to as an avulsed tooth by dentists. In simple words, it means that the tooth is broken. There may be several reasons for so, the most common being accidental injury. However, deliberate knocking out of the tooth may also be possible when forceful pressure is exerted on the face/mouth area.
In either case, it’s most important to focus on saving the knocked-out tooth, especially because it’s a permanent tooth. If taken corrective action at the right time, there’s a higher chance of saving the broken tooth. You must contact your dentist at the earliest if you have a knocked-out tooth in Burbank.

How to Save a Knocked-Out (Avulsed) Tooth?

As mentioned above, timely action by your Burbank dentist can help save a knocked-out tooth. However, before you reach the dental clinic, this is what you can do:

  • Handle the avulsed tooth with great care. Avoid touching its root (part of the tooth under the gum) because it’s more prone to easy damage.
  • Hold the tooth from the crown (the upper part) and rinse it well with milk. You may use water in place of milk too. Besides that, it’s best to leave the broken tooth in a milk container so as to keep it moist.
  • Adults can also keep the avulsed tooth in their mouth, between the cheek and the gum, in the absence of milk/water. This is because saliva can also help keep it moist. However, this may not be possible for children because they’re at fear of swallowing it. Therefore, kids can spit the knocked-out tooth in a cup filled with some saliva.
  • Most importantly, try to slip the tooth back into its original socket. More often than not, this may be possible. However, you need to be sure that the tooth is positioned correctly and faces the right way. Avoid forcing it into the socket. In case you aren’t able to do so, leave it in the milk/water/saliva until you reach your Burbank dentist.

What Happens at the Burbank Dental Office?


Your dentist at Burbank, would be the best judge of the situation and indicate the immediate treatment needed. The dentist may also examine the tooth carefully to assess the level of damage and whether it can be saved.

Most often, your dentist might recommend going in for a root canal treatment to help save the broken tooth. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that an avulsed tooth can be put back in place. However, there might be other treatment options available too at My Dentist Burbank dental clinic. Be sure to discuss the same with your dentist.

Common Causes for Knocked-Out Tooth

There can be several reasons why and how a tooth may get knocked out. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Fall from a considerable height
  • Road accidents
  • Bicycle fall
  • Collision
  • Participation in contact sports
  • Fighting
  • Biting on excessively hard food

How to Prevent Teeth from Getting Knocked Out?

  • If you play contact sport often, always wear a mouthguard
  • Avoid biting on hard foods such as meat bones, cold and stale bread, or un-popped kernels of popcorn
  • Always wear a seatbelt when driving or riding in a car

To Sum Up

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. However, being careful is the key because, with permanent teeth, extra care is needed. In case of a tooth injury, get in touch with My Dentist Burbank at (818) 578-2332 to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

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