What You Need to Know About Extracting Your Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom teeth are a matter of fate. This is because there are indeed some people who may never them at all. In contrast, other people may get 1, 2, or even all 4 of them. It is not so much about whether you get them or not. Most importantly, how you get them matters. Because for some people, the process can be quite a pain to deal with.

When Do Wisdom Teeth Become a Problem?

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars in your mouth, which you generally get in your 20s. If they’re healthy and erupt fully without a complaint, there’s no cause for worry. Also, you can call yourself lucky too. However, in some rare cases, your Burbank dentist may advise you to get your wisdom teeth removed in Burbank.
This is when the extraction of your wisdom tooth (teeth) may become necessary:

  • The wisdom teeth are completely hiding within the gums and haven’t erupted normally. This may result in an infection or even a cyst that may cause damage to the root or shake bone support.
  • The wisdom teeth have only partially erupted through the gums. This too can make room for bacteria because the half-erupted teeth cannot be cleaned properly. Besides that, it may lead to gum disease and oral infection.
  • The wisdom teeth tend to crowd the surrounding teeth nearby. This may happen when the former doesn’t get enough space to emerge properly. They may then either crowd the teeth nearby or even damage them.

What to Do with Problem Wisdom Teeth?

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If you experience any of the above situations, it’s best to get in touch with your dentist in Burbank. The team of dentists here would advise you of the best possible solution in your case.
Most likely, your Burbank dentist would recommend getting your wisdom tooth or teeth extracted. This is to prevent more damage or trouble to your teeth and oral health. At Burbank wisdom teeth are generally recommended for extraction under the following circumstances:

  • You experience incessant and unusual pain in the teeth or gums
  • You experience the repeated occurrence of soft tissue infection behind the lower last tooth
  • There are fluid-filled sacs or cysts developed in the gum area
  • A potential risk for dental tumors
  • There is a likelihood of damage to the nearby teeth
  • You’re at risk of gum disease
  • There are chances of excessive tooth decay shortly

At My Dentist Burbank, the team of expert doctors would examine your wisdom teeth to look for any problem signs. If they notice any cause for worry, they’d discuss with you the best possible way out of the problem. You can feel free to discuss any concerns or queries regarding wisdom teeth or their extraction with your Burbank dentist.
Most importantly, remember to not fear unnecessarily and always report to your dentist any sign of trouble at the earliest. Earlier the better, always, because this way you can save a lot of trouble and money in fixing things up later.
If you too have anything to ask regarding the Burbank wisdom teeth extraction process, you may call us at 818-578-2332. You can also book an appointment for a consultation on your wisdom tooth treatment option. The team of expert dentists and dental team at our clinic is the best in Burbank and you would find them easily approachable.
Besides that, don’t forget to ask your dentist for the best oral health maintenance tips to save your teeth for longer.

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