Caring For Your Temporary Dental Filling

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If you’ve ever had a problem tooth, where cavity’s just started creeping in, you probably know what dental fillings are used for. Dental fillings are every dentist’s most-commonly used tool at disposal to fix cavity-infested teeth. Dental fillings can be of two types – permanent and temporary. Your dentist in Burbank might do a temporary one for you under the following circumstances:

  1. Your dentist has just performed a root canal treatment on one of your teeth, or
  2. You’re awaiting a crown cap or a gold filling to be made for the problem tooth

In such cases, your Burbank dentist would do a temporary filling for the tooth while in wait for a permanent solution.

Why Care for a Temporary Dental Filling

As the name suggests, such dental fillings are temporary. Therefore, they need particular attention because they should last as long as your dentist at the Burbank clinic intends them to. Read below to know how you can take care of your temporary dental filling(s).

Temporary Filling Guidelines to Follow


  • Pay attention while chewing food –Your Burbank dentist might’ve already told you to chew on the ‘other side. This means the side of the mouth where the filling hasn’t been done. This is important because the dentist doesn’t want the temporary filling to come out.
  • Try and remember to follow this diligently; however, it’s only natural to forget sometimes. You might accidentally chew on the filling side. It’s fine until the chewing is gentle and cautiously done.
  • Be careful while brushing – This is another area of concern highlighted by the dentist at My Dentist Burbank. Brushing and flossing are two activities that need to be done gently and cautiously when you have a temporary filling. This is because brushing may accidentally cause the filling at times to come off.
  • Use a toothbrush with extra-soft bristles and apply only gentle pressure while brushing your teeth. Most importantly, make sure that you clean the tooth with the filling too. Don’t ignore it only because it has the filling. Keeping the area clean is also part of the temporary filling aftercare procedure.
  • Look for any unusual signs – These may include sensitivity or even pain in the tooth where the filling has been done. Besides that, you may even feel some unusual sensation in that entire side of the mouth. There may even be swelling or pain at times. These could be signs of another dental problem erupting.
  • Make sure to consult your Burbank dentist at the earliest in case you notice any of the above. Generally, fillings aren’t accompanied or followed by any signs of sensitivity or painful sensations. However, if you do feel any of these, don’t ignore the signs. Your dentist at Burbank dental clinic would be best able to guide you on this.
  • Besides, that, you may also want to take care not to accidentally bite that area of the mouth. It’s still sensitive, especially after the effect of anesthesia subsides. This is when you’re likely to feel such sensations even more than ever, making you uncomfortable.
  • Avoid taking hot beverages – Try not to take extremely hot liquids such as tea, coffee, or soup. The tooth sensitivity might worsen and you may not be able to bear the sensation either.

To Sum Up

Following the precautionary steps above can help ensure that your temporary filling stays until you get a permanent crown fitted. However, in case of any unusual signs or sensations, do not hesitate to contact your dentist at My Dentist Burbank. It’s important to prevent any potential damage to the problem tooth by taking timely and corrective action. Make an appointment today for a dental feeling or for a routine dental checkup.

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