Tooth Wear and Abrasion, What Can You Do About It?

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Your teeth can wear out when you have gone old. You might be having stains on them and they might be looking phone down. What can you do in such a situation? You can go to the dentist in Burbank and take treatment for Burbank tooth wear. Burbank dentist is the right option in such cases.

Tooth wear is the irreversible loss of the structure of your teeth. There are three types of tooth erosion here. The first one is erosion, the second one is abrasion, and the third one is attrition.

Tooth Wear: Causes

It is usually happening because of abrasion. This happens when your teeth wear out by rubbing together or with the help of chewing. The most common method of abrasion is actually when you press your teeth very hard while brushing. Other forms can be by wearing lip or tongue piercings or when you chew things like pens and toothpicks.

This can be due to erosion. Simply put, it happens because of chemical contact. It can be caused because of bodily acid, which actually when you are exposed to your teeth, can lead to diseases or various eating disorders.

What Happens When You Have an Abrasion?

It leads to notches on your teeth. They come when the teeth meet the gum line. The exposed area tends to be darker than the rest of your teeth because the white enamel has worn down. This will expose a layer of dentin, which is located underneath.

One of the most common symptoms of dental abrasion is tooth sensitivity. Your teeth tend to become sensitive when the enamel dissolves. When your dentin becomes exposed, it can lead to sensitivity. It contains channels that are actually under your enamel surface and it leads to the sensitive part at the center of the tooth.

What Are the Treatments for Abrasion?

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If you have dental abrasion, it can lead to cavities and loss of your teeth. When your dentin is exposed, a lot of bacteria and plaque can begin to harm your teeth. If this keeps on continuing, the pulp of your teeth can be compromised.

Depending upon the degree of the abrasion, your dentist will give you different treatments. You should go to the right dentist in Burbank to get the best treatment. Never compromise with your dental treatments.

Changes in Your Diet

People who have dental abrasions should restrict themselves from any kind of acidic drinks and acidic meals. They should go for neutral drinks like water and milk. If you talk about fruit juice, it should be taken once a day.


It has been proved that a lot of dental issues can be solved if you brush your teeth in the right way. Dental tissues tend to take up to 60 minutes to be re-established after they are exposed to acid.


dental problems

It has been proven that if you want to reduce the damage, which is caused by acidic drinks, you should go for fluoride. You can take various gels or toothpaste, which have fluoride. Toothpaste, which contains potassium, is also appropriate.

Summing Up

Now that you know all about abrasion, you must take the right measures at all times to take care of it. Abrasion if left and treated can cause harm. Try maintaining your body fluid levels by drinking a lot of water. It is the best method to prevent dry mouth, protect your teeth from erosion, and quench your thirst. Feel free to call Dr. Sahakyan at 8185782332 to book an appointment at Mydentistburbank.

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