Will My Teeth Shift After a Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

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There are many whose wisdom teeth never come in or only erupt partially. However, leaving the teeth as they are is the best option. Nevertheless, budding wisdom teeth habitually crowd the jaw and result in misalignment. In this case, wisdom teeth elimination is the best course of action.
Well, many people doubt if their teeth will reallocate after a wisdom removal. This, to put it in simple words, is a natural question. This is particularly when you know someone whose bite or smile changed after going through wisdom teeth elimination. Still, confused?
This blog intends to explain what happens to your mouth after a wisdom tooth removal.

The Purpose Of A Wisdom Tooth Extraction by Dentist Burbank

A wisdom tooth pulling out is to treat several different dental problems. To put it in simple words, these problems are often related to teeth misalignment. Some symbols of misalignment that a wisdom tooth removal process is meant to deal with include the following:

  • Unaligned bite
  • Softness in the jaw especially when biting down or chewing
  • Difficulty opening and closing your mouth
  • Pressure, uneasiness, or pain in the teeth due to overcrowding
  • Pain in or around the ear
  • Popping sound or clicking in the jaw while opening or closing the jaw or while chewing
  • Mild to severe pain in the face

By taking out the wisdom teeth, you are not making the other teeth reallocate; rather you are alleviating pressure caused by the wisdom tooth on the other teeth.

Will Teeth Shift After Wisdom Extraction?

The simple answer is no. Taking away wisdom teeth does not cause the teeth to shift. Hence, cannot cause misalignment. Nevertheless, many patients do complain about changes in their bite after their wisdom teeth are separated. This is particularly common in patients, whose wisdom teeth were rigorously impacted, causing pressure on their other teeth.
There are a number of reasons why this misapprehension exists. After pulling out, more room is created in the mouth. This gives the feeling that teeth are shifting. The reduced pressure on the teeth gives the feeling that the teeth have shifted. Teeth may move slightly to correct misalignment after wisdom tooth extraction.

Recovery After A Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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It is imperative to let your mouth have some time for revival after a wisdom tooth removal. This will give your teeth some time to regulate and settle after having suffered all the pressure applied by the wisdom tooth.
Normal conditions after a wisdom tooth removal may include uneasiness and swelling of the gums. However, once the swelling is gone, your bite will return to normal again.
Generally, complete recovery takes about 2 weeks or at times up to 4 weeks. This will, however, be different for everyone.

Burbank Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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