5 Invisalign Tips You Need to Know


Like all the advancements that we experience in different sectors, dentistry has also covered a long distance. In today’s world, there is end number of solutions to a lot of complicated oral health issues that were unthinkable even a few years back. All these have become feasible because of modern dental processes and advanced equipment. Invisalign is one of those outcomes of the dental revolution.

What Is an Invisalign Process?

Invisalign technique is one of the most advanced dental treatment processes where one can straighten his/her teeth. Braces, yes are an option but, have become old-fashioned. Invisalign dental prosthesis is transparent. Furthermore, you can easily remove the aligners.
In this process, the aligner is made of a very thin see-through material that easily fits into our teeth. The technique can comfortably and aesthetically align uneven teeth and helps in bringing back a brighter smile.

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Benefits of Invisalign Process!

  1. Easy to use and comfortable: Invisalign aligners are very soft and don’t bother the gums, teeth, and cheeks. It does not need any metallic support that causes pain. One can easily chew and eat food just by removing the aligners.
  2. Easily Removable: As mentioned earlier, the major benefit that the system provides is that we can easily remove the aligners.
  3. Virtually undetectable: Invisalign is virtually transparent. The alternative metal braces are clearly visible. Invisalign with its transparency makes it easier for people to smile without losing confidence. Moreover, transparency also helps to maintain the aesthetic of the teeth.
  4. Perfect fit: Since, the prosthesis is created with the latest technology and it’s customized according to the shape of the gums and teeth, it fits into the teeth perfectly.
  5. Minimal dentist visits: If you wear braces then you need to visit the dentist every three to four weeks. Conversely, Invisalign users need to visit only once in six to eight weeks.
  6. Clear treatment process: The patients can easily see the steps that they need to go through in this process. Because of this, they can have a good idea about the time that may take to complete the entire process.

Now, to fully enjoy the benefits one must follow certain things or tips.

5 Invisalign Tips you Need to Know!


  1. Always wear the Invisalign aligners: To get the best result one must wear the aligners for almost 24 hours daily. The patients need to remove them only when they eat, drink and clean the teeth and the prosthesis.
  2. Use medicated foams only to clean the aligners: Never use mouthwash or toothpaste to clean the prosthesis. You can use them while you clean your teeth and gums.
  3. Never throw your current dental tray before receiving a new one: You need to change the tray on time. But you must not throw away your current one unless and until you receive a fresh tray. Since you need to wear it almost all day you can’t afford to lose it. It will delay the treatment.
  4. Clean your teeth and gums regularly: While you wear the prosthesis, the chances of getting affected by bacteria increase. Hence, you need to clean your oral system regularly.
  5. Don’t forget to remove the aligners while eating: Always remove this cosmetic tooth enhancer when you have your food and clean your teeth.

Do All the Clinics Have the Facility to Provide Invisalign Treatment?

Not all clinics are equipped with modern dental infrastructure. Also, all dentists are not trained with this advanced system. If you are looking for Burbank Invisalign then at MyDentistBurbank you can contact Dr. Sahakyan. Good teeth bring a brighter smile!

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