The Hidden Connection Between Your Diet and Your Teeth

dental problems

The foods you eat and how frequently you eat them can influence your general health and the health of your teeth and gums, as well. If you eat too many sweetened fruit drinks, sugar-filled sodas, or non-nutritious snacks, you could be at threat for tooth decay. Stern gum infection is a key cause of tooth loss in adults.
This write-up intends to explain how your eating habit rather than your diet have an impact on your teeth.

Does Eating Healthy Make Your Teeth Stronger?

Low-fat or fat-free milk, yogurt, and cheese are calcium-rich foods that help promote strong teeth and bones. Fortified soymilk too is very helpful. Other sources of calcium include tofu, almonds, canned salmon, and some dark green leafy vegetables.

Some Recommended Foods to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

  • Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables
  • Cheese, plain yogurt, milk, and other dairy products
  • Green and black tea
  • Sugarless chewing gum
  • Foods with fluoride

Foods Causing Tooth Decay

dental problems

  • Sugary Sweets and Candies
  • Soft Drinks
  • Pickles
  • Crackers
  • Wine
  • Citrus Fruits

If your teeth ever get damaged after eating, the cause could be highly acidic food. This is what is called sensitive teeth. Acidic foods and drinks can take away small amounts of tooth enamel after a while, exposing the nerve center in the inner layer of your teeth.

Can Malnutrition Lead to Tooth Decay?

Malnutrition can lead to oral complications like tooth loss and decay. Every food you eat or beverage you drink that comes in contact with your teeth, affects your teeth and gums.
You can cut your threat of enamel erosion and cavities, and keep your smile looking healthier and longer.

Foods to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

  • Skip sweets
  • Have non-stick foods
  • Look out for acidic foods
  • Avoid teeth-staining drinks
  • Go for a balanced diet
  • Aim for anti-inflammatory foods
  • Include healthy fats
  • Get enough calcium
  • Stay hydrated
  • Chew sugar-free gum

Development of the Enamel

Teeth are influenced by their nutritional state. A lack of vitamins D and A and protein-energy undernourishment have been connected to hypoplasia of the enamel and atrophy of the salivary glands. To put it in simple words, conditions that settle on a greater vulnerability to caries. Some hypoplasia and pits on the surface of the enamel are associated with a lack of vitamin A. Insufficiency of vitamin D is linked to the more diffused hypoplastic forms. The structural harm can confirm the period in which the lack of nutrition happened.
The connection between diet and oral cancer is exceptionally serious. People who smoke, chew tobacco, and consume alcohol have higher chances of oral cancer.
We always think eating healthy foods is good for our overall health, but we fail to identify that it is also essential for our oral health. The foods we choose to eat can have an influence on the health of our mouths and teeth.

Burbank Diet and Teeth

A professional dental clinic like Mydentistburbank is the best source of information about what foods are best for the health of your teeth and gums
After a detailed assessment, our dentist can review the overall health of your mouth and recommend modifications in the foods you eat. This can help to resolve issues or concerns.
Schedule an appointment today and let Dr. Sahakyan at Mydentistburbank evaluate the needs of you and your family. Our dentist can explain the connection between your diet and your oral health.
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