Do Gums Grow Back after Gum Lift?

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To have a great smile one needs to have great teeth. But, what about dental gums? We often don’t consider the importance of gums that actually embrace the teeth. Together, both gums and teeth enhance the look of one’s face.
Gums not only help to improve the facial aesthetic by strongly holding the teeth but, they also help to maintain dental health.
Now, the disproportion between teeth and gums makes them unevenly visible. Furthermore, this causes an unpleasant smile and affects a person’s overall personality. As a result, a person loses his/her confidence too.
The good news is this gum issue can be fixed. The solution is known as gum lifting. Here, a patient needs to go through a surgical process. Therefore, it’s a must for the patient to visit a dentist to consult about the treatment.

What Is Gum Lifting?

Here the dentist fixes an uneven dental structure that is caused because of the bumpiness between the teeth and gums. This is a surgical process through which a dentist restructures the patient’s disproportionate gum lines. If a patient has too many gum tissues, then the dentist applies to draft measures to reduce those as well.
In general, gum sculpting is important to improve the overall appearance of one’s face by reshaping the gum lines. Now, the main question is whether the gums can re-grow post-surgery.

Do Gums Grow Back after a Gum Lift?

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Gum lifting is a sensitive dental surgical process. Hence, it takes a few weeks to recover from it. Recovery also depends on the complications of the overall process and the actual gum condition before the surgery.
In general, if the surgery goes well and we take care of the gums then, those will never grow back. But, technically, the distance between the bones and gums must be 3mm at least.
In addition, to get the desired result we need to consider the following things to protect our teeth and gums so that we can easily avoid the gum re-growth issue.

  1. Clean the gums and teeth regularly. Use a soft toothbrush and clean it nicely.
  2. Daily floss your teeth at least once a day to pull out food particles from the teeth and gums.
  3. Eat soft and healthy food. This will prevent the oral system from getting damaged.
  4. Strictly say no to smoking and stop drinking alcohol.
  5. Take adequate rest post-surgery.
  6. Most importantly, visit your dentist on a regular basis to avoid problems.

These measures not only prevent gum re-growth issues but, allow the patients to enjoy a few other benefits as well.

What Are the Benefits of the Gum Lifting Process?

Gum lifting is not a compulsory dental medication process. Still, it can provide many psychological and social benefits to a patient who seeks this treatment.

  1. The process brightens up your smile, can find your missing confidence of yours, and enhance your personality.
  2. Prevents the decomposition of teeth by lessening excessive gum tissues where food grains stick in general.
  3. This is one of the most trusted and permanent remedies for dental gum issues.

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