Digital Dentistry Ensures Sterility And Safety

digital dentistry

A new study has shed light on the actual difference between the sterility of “digital” versus older “legacy” dental methods. A dental impression is a general dental process that takes a negative indentation on the mouth. The imprint, sequentially, is used to make a model or “positive reproduction”. The way Mydentistburbank works with dental labs, the lab is changing.

Habitually dentistry involves sending a physical inkling of the patient’s mouth to a dental lab. The recent approach involves making a digital file by using intraoral scanners. Digital technology has eradicated all the physical variables in dental impression taking and model production. Dr. Sahakyan a reputed Therefore, dentist in Burbank feels the improved sterility of its use, and other benefits are obvious. Hence, to serve the people around the Burbank area Mydentistburbank has switched over from conventional to digital impressions.

How Does Technology Affect Dentistry?

digital dentistry

Digital technology, offers so much more than just a digital impression. It offers award-winning wireless scan technology with total integration with the universal dental community. There are so many benefits of it and they keep growing. Getting better workflows increased patient relief and more litheness are just a few of these benefits. Digitization helps transport higher quality dentistry more capably by increasing the functional and aesthetic results. Consecutively, this has led to pleased Burbank area dental patients and differentiates Mydentistburbank. There is software repeatedly modernized, which enlivens and involves patients in the proposed treatment. It lessens their time at the dental office, offers the latest treatment opportunities. And most importantly, is a more hygienic and protected way of providing dental care.

A feeble link in the sterility chain in dentistry has been the taking of impressions. For years, dentistry took patterns of people’s mouths to make crowns and appliances by putting trays filled with paste into people’s mouths. These imitations were then poured up in stone to make a mouth model – this exposes the bacteria in people’s mouths to the dental office. So, thanks to the new technologies, all this can be achieved digitally, successfully stopping any cross-contamination threat.

What Are the Advantages of Digital Technology?

digital dentistry

There are several causes why digital technology is more hygienic than usually practiced techniques. Prior to one can take a conventional impression, there are loads of items to set up, and subsequently, there is the exposure of many surfaces to human handling. Therefore, these are amalgamation tips, impression materials, countertops, bowls, and water dishes and waxes. Following preparing the material, it is put in the patient’s mouth and subsequently taken out of the dental room for packaging. Then a delivery person picks it up and delivers it to the dental lab. It is impossible to totally disinfect conventional impressions as you cannot put an impression in a steam purifier.

In its place, they are “sprayed” with a germicidal agent, which is partially useful. These are transferred to the dental lab in a wet bag. It is important to keep in mind; that this has just come from a patient’s mouth. Every step in this conventional workflow is a possibility for viral and bacterial transmission. Nevertheless, with this scanning system, there is no handling of infected materials.

Therefore, there is no possibility of bacterial spread since there is no carrying material infected with saliva. The data is scanned and emailed to the lab via email.

Burbank Digital Dentistry

digital dentistry

Dr. Sahakyan expects worldwide intraoral scanner use to increase in the next couple of years as it is getting obvious that this is the new standard in dental care. Furthermore, Burbank residents and beyond have increased their way into information, driving their fondness for digital technology. Call us today on 8185782332 to book an appointment.

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