Diabetes and Gum Disease


Diabetics are likely to face gum diseases as our research says. For all those individuals with diabetes; there are higher risks of dental problems. When studies are taken into consideration, you will come across various research performed by dental professionals. They state that diabetes reduces the supply of blood in the body and to the gums. Consequently, a patient who is diabetic experiences gum disease.

Why People with Diabetes Are More Prone to Gum Disease

Dr. Sahakyan, a reputed dentist in Burbank has stated in many of his interviews that patients with diabetes are more likely to develop periodontal disease. Most importantly, this can severely affect their oral health. As a result, they may end up having tooth loss at a significant stage in life.
Generally, too much content of glucose in the body, which is otherwise known as high-sugar levels present in your blood because of diabetes. Subsequently, this causes a lot of agonizing pain, infection, and many other complications within your body and mouth.
The organs in your mouth that get affected because of diabetes:

  • Teeth
  • Gums
  • Jaw
  • Tissues
  • Tongue
  • Top and bottom of the mouth
  • Inside parts of the cheeks

How salvia contributes to gum disease in diabetic patients?

Saliva – the fluid that helps in keeping your mouth wet – contains glucose. Thereby, it gets difficult to control the sugar levels in your body because of several obvious reasons. High levels of glucose content present in your saliva let the disease flourish. Consequently, this leads bacteria to grow. These harmful bacteria mix with the food that you eat to create a soft and sticky film known as plaque. Plaque can also come from consuming food items that have high sugar or starch content. Different kinds of plaque can cause tooth decay diseases or cavities in your mouth. The rest types of plaque can cause gum-related diseases and produce a bad smell in your mouth.
If you are diabetic, gum diseases can become severe and painful. Besides, it can be difficult to get better as well.

What Are the Symptoms?

tooth loss

When you are suffering from any gum disorder even if you have diabetes, the symptoms remain the same. You are likely to face the below signs and experience pain.

  • Bleeding from your gums
  • Sore gums
  • Getting tooth decay quite often
  • Bad smell from the mouth all the time
  • Pain in the inside parts of the cheek
  • Dark spots and holes in the teeth
  • Pain in the jawlines that cannot be controlled
  • Losing teeth very often
  • Pain while chewing food items
  • The sensation of changing the taste

These are some common symptoms that our Burbank dentist has determined by understanding and analyzing the patient’s health.
Burbank gum disease also shows many other symptoms that you won’t be able to determine in the initial stages; however, as the treatment starts, you will get to know where it is paining. Therefore, it is best to contact a dentist in Burbank immediately if you observe any of the above symptoms.

Prevent Gum Disease If You Have Diabetes

Our dentists have the right expertise and experience in dealing with such issues. When you book an appointment with us, our dentists examine the condition of your teeth. Accordingly, they start treatment procedures. These include brushing, flossing, and doing a root canal if needed. Most importantly, the Burbank dentist will give you an antiseptic mouthwash that you have to use quite often to get rid of the pain.
Our dentists understand that if they can treat the dental disorders that you have, your diabetes can be controlled by improving controls on the sugar content that you intake. Therefore, they will give you a prescription that includes several medications that you have to take, as the professional suggests.
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