Dealing With Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are very regular. If your teeth are twisted, you look for ways to straighten them. However, at times, imperfectly aligned teeth can add to your personality and charm to your smile.
Unhappy with the look of your teeth? Are they causing health or speech problems? Don’t worry! You can have them straightened.
This write-up intends to help you find out why teeth come in twisted, the health problems they can every so often lead to, and the techniques used to line them up.

Reasons for Crooked Teeth: Dentist Burbank

Both baby teeth and permanent teeth, to put in simple words, may come in twisted. At times, they get crooked in due course of time. Baby teeth occasionally move into curved positions since they’re too small to pack the amount of gum space allocated to them.
Long-drawn-out habits like sucking a thumb can cause baby teeth to become crooked. Genetics too often plays an important role.
Having warped baby teeth doesn’t indicate that your child will have twisted permanent teeth.
Jaw size, poor myofunctional habits, tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, Malocclusion (misaligned jaw), poor dental care, facial injury, and poor nutrition are possible reasons.

Crooked Teeth: Concern

In some instances, twisted teeth can have an effect on your quality of life. For instance, uneven teeth may influence your capability to chew, causing you to twinge every time you eat.
Additionally, some people often feel embarrassed about their twisted teeth. Accordingly, they stop smiling or shun social situations.

Burbank Crooked Teeth Other Health Issues:

Can I Fix My Crooked Teeth at Home?


The answer is, no. To put it in simple words, there are no methods of straightening your teeth naturally. ‘ The only process to make straight crooked teeth is by using one of a few different appliances under the supervision of a dental specialist. You may, however, apply pressure gently on your teeth in the direction you want. Keep in mind that you should apply only gentle pressure to evade long-term problems with your gums and teeth. Dental floss is a favored process. Clear plastic aligners to are a simple device to straighten your teeth at home.
Your dentist can make a decision on the best treatment for your teeth. However, the most familiar treatment for twisted teeth is, undeniably, braces. The dentist will take X-rays, snap of your face, and teeth impressions to find out if and what type of treatment is required.

Burbank Dentist for Crooked Teeth

Few people feel humiliated because of their crooked teeth. A good smile, however, is the right of every human. Crooked teeth lower the self-esteem of a person. The conventional orthodontist methods are at times painful plus expensive. If you have any doubts related to handling twisted teeth, feel free to ask us.
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