Can A Dead Tooth Be Saved: Causes, Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

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You may have a dead tooth despite taking the best care because of a variety of ways. Maybe you met a bike accident and after a few days, you noted your front tooth turning gray. It could be that you haven’t been practicing the right oral hygiene routine and one day you notice a foul smell originating from your mouth, accompanied by staining.
Trauma and deterioration can lead to your teeth perishing, and in the procedure, your tooth may turn dull, your breath may smell evil, and you might feel excessive pain.
Having a dead tooth to put it in simple words, can be a bit frightening. But don’t panic—dead tooth treatment is a common process that your dentist should be able to accomplish without any difficulties. It is, however, imperative that you do not overlook indications and ensure to see your dentist. It is important to take proper care of your dental health.

Causes of a Dead Tooth: Dentist Burbank

For any problem, it is important to know its causes. There are two principal causes of a dead tooth.

Tooth Decay

Tooth falling-off occurs when your enamel begins to wear away. Besides, giving your teeth their pearly-white appearance, the enamel is meant to shield the inner structures of your teeth. Nevertheless, with poor dental hygiene, poor lifestyle, and — in most cases — aging, enamel may start to wear away.
While this is not challenging in and of itself, it is the first sign of tooth decay. Generally, it manifests in cavities, which are minor holes in the teeth. If you have a cavity, your dentist will suggest a filling to confirm that the harm does not reach the inner parts of the tooth.
However, if you ignore the cavities and leave them untreated, then they can enter the deeper layers of the tooth. This can make it easier for attacking bacteria to influence these deeper layers. Over time, this can cause important swelling of the nerves, which can cause them to die as a result.

Tooth Trauma

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Physical trauma to the tooth may lead to the bursting of blood vessels in the nerves. If blood stops reaching the pulp, then the tooth may cease to exist. There are uncountable ways that you can cause physical disturbance to your teeth. Most frequently, this takes in falls, sports injuries, or accidents.

Signs and Symptoms of Dead Teeth: Dentist Burbank

Discomfort doesn’t always happen when a tooth dies. Some people don’t even feel pain and may be uninformed that their tooth has died. Regular dental checkups are indispensable to detect these asymptomatic dead teeth.

Indications of a dying tooth include:

  • Discomfort in the affected tooth while biting or chewing
  • Spontaneous aching in the tooth
  • Irritation in the affected tooth when you drink hot or cold beverages
  • A dead tooth can look stained and is habitually gray in appearance

Dead Tooth Be Saved: Treatment

‍Before your dentist begins to treat your dead tooth, it must be spotted. Because primary treatment is important for the best consequences. Make an appointment with us as soon as possible if you experience symptoms such as sensitivity, discomfort, foul smell, or tooth staining.
Once you visit us, we will perform a manual exam of your tooth and take dental X-rays. This will quickly categorize any nerve damage, which will allow us to decide on the treatment.

2 Options for Treating a Dead Tooth:

Can A Dead Tooth Be Saved

‍A good oral hygiene routine is vital. If you’re bothered that your teeth have died, visit us at MyDentistBurbank right away. Consult Dr. Sahakyan, your Dentist at Burbank, at 8185782332.

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