A Bleeding Socket after Tooth Extraction

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Your dentist may ask you for tooth extraction for any reason. It could be a decayed tooth that can’t be put back, tooth infection, crowded teeth, or any other reason. Tooth extractions are generally not painful but may result in slight bleeding in the empty socket soon after.
It is important to take care of the bleeding socket for some time after the tooth extraction procedure. You may seek help in this case from an expert like Dr. Sahakyan, the best-known dentist in Burbank. He would advise you on how to manage the bleeding socket and precautions to follow thereafter.

How to Stop Bleeding after Tooth Extraction?

Our dentists say that bleeding will only stop if you can apply pressure on the socket for a long time. Here are some tips they suggest to manage a bleeding socket after tooth extraction:

  1. If you get a tooth extraction in Burbank dental clinic, your dentist would place a cotton roll on the empty socket. You need to then bite on the gauze firmly for at least 15-20 minutes. Bleeding would stop gradually. The harder you bite on the roll, the faster the bleeding would stop.
  2. Do not rinse your mouth if the area is still bleeding. You may replace the gauze with fresh clean and damp gauze. Bite on it firmly for about 20 minutes again but don’t chew on it.
  3. Don’t suck on the area where the tooth has been extracted.
  4. If the bleeding still doesn’t stop after 20 more minutes, take a teabag, moisten it with water and bite on it for half an hour. Tannic Acid in tea helps control bleeding.
  5. Sit upright and keep your head elevated. You may use pillows for extra support.
  6. On the first night after tooth extraction, place a towel on your pillow to avoid chances of staining.
  7. Keep applying pressure on the site to bring the bleeding under control. However, avoid indulging in any heavy activity for a few days.

According to the team at My Dentist Burbank, generally, post-extraction bleeding may last only for a day or so. However, it may vary between individuals. Usually, a small amount of spotting shouldn’t be worrisome. However, don’t delay showing your dentist in the Burbank office if the bleeding wouldn’t stop for several hours after the extraction.

How to Care for Oral Hygiene after Tooth Extraction?

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Make sure you check all details regarding post-extraction care from your dentist before deciding to go for it. This is because you may not be comfortable talking much after tooth extraction. Therefore, all doubts regarding post-procedure care should be better addressed in advance.
Our dentists might advise you on brushing and flossing techniques for the first few days after tooth extraction in the Burbank clinic. For several days after the dentist pulls out the teeth, it’s important to keep the socket as clean as possible. This is because any food lodging in the area might increase the chances of an infection.
Besides that, avoid brushing directly on the extraction site at least for the first 3-4 days. This would prevent the blood clot to dislodge from the socket. Most important, it’d promote faster healing too.
At My Dentist Burbank, our dentists and our dental team carry out tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, and other dental procedures efficiently and gently. Call 818-578-2332 to book an appointment to speak to one of our expert dentists. They’d be happy to assist.

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