Can Your Child Get Braces Before the Baby Teeth Fall Out?


You want your kid to have the perfect smile. However, for this, your child’s teeth need to be sparkling white and they need to be perfectly aligned. Now not all kids are born with the perfect alignment of teeth. However, that does not mean you cannot rectify this. All that you need to do is take your child to the best dentist.

Waiting for Baby Teeth to Fall Out? Time to Bust the Myth!

Some parents feel that they need to wait till all the baby’s teeth of the child fall out. Only after that, they can take the kid to the dentist for the braces. We have this set image of a nerdy teenager with braces. So, we believe that the right age for braces will be when the child is a bit grown up.

It is time to check some facts about getting braces for your kid. First, you need not wait till all the baby teeth of your child fall out. This is a myth and it is time that you know the facts about when a kid can wear the Burbank Child Braces.

Take a Look at the Common Problems that Kids Face with Their Teeth:

The first common problem is crowded teeth. In this, there is not enough room between the teeth. As a result, the eruption of the permanent teeth does not happen properly. In case of crowded teeth, connect with Dentist Burbank at the earliest to avoid the uncomfortable misalignment of the other teeth.

The second issue is a stuck tooth. In this, the permanent teeth that are developing will get stuck in the gums. This in turn will weaken the teeth that are there beside it. This can cause these teeth to fall out.

So, what is the right age to take your child to the dentist?

The earlier your child visits the dentist for the braces better it is. Ideally, at the age of 7, you can take your kid to the dentist. The dentist can check how the permanent teeth are erupting. Secondly, he can also check the development and growth of the jaw. If any issues need to be addressed immediately then the dentist can do the needful at the earliest.

In case, the dentist treats the kid when he still has some baby teeth then he can help the permanent teeth to erupt properly. When the treatment is started earlier then it can be more efficient and effective.

Orthodontic Treatment Is Easier for Younger Kids:

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In the case of young kids, the jaw is still in the developmental stage. So, the dentist has better scope to ensure that the jaw develops properly. The early interceptive treatment will ensure that your child has a better chance of having that perfect smile. The dentist can try to ensure that there is no crowding of teeth. He can try and make sure that the permanent teeth erupt properly. Parents need to understand that teeth that are aligned properly are not just important for a great smile. They will also have an impact on speech development and proper chewing of food.

Why My Dentist Burbank?

Remember that only an expert dentist can determine whether your kid needs braces and the right time to fix the braces. So, without wasting a minute call Dr. Sahakyan at 818-578-2332 to book an appointment. The best dentist will take into consideration all the different medical aspects and will guide you and your kid in the best possible way.

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