Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Blood When Brushing?

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Did you notice a little blood on your toothbrush after brushing your teeth? Is it something severe? Wondering what caused your gums to bleed? It’s simple to guess that you saw these signs because you brushed too hard, but these are indications you shouldn’t overlook, particularly if you haven’t had them before.

The Cause of Blood on Your Toothbrush

While it’s completely practicable that the blood you saw on your toothbrush is because you brushed too hard, it can be because of a more stern cause.
Bleeding is a matter of concern, not just for your oral health but as well for your general health.
This is because bleeding allows bacteria to go through your bloodstream, which may lead to contamination. Furthermore, the bacteria can lead to new sites of tenderness around your body.
Consequently, you will risk your general health.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Blood When Brushing

The Major Sign of Gum Disease

If you discover that your gums bleed during brushing, do not overlook it. This could be serious; you may have gum sickness. This sickness, in its opening stages, takes the shape of gingivitis with puffed-up, irritating, and bleeding gums as the indication. If mistreated, it will progress to the next stage: periodontitis. Your teeth may get contaminated and you may experience gum recession. Finally, it may be obligatory to take out your teeth to contain the problems. All of this can be evaded if you just visit your dentist at the right time.

Untreated Gum Disease Can Create Other Health Risks

Besides, tooth loss, gum infection also adds to the threat of heart disease. Further, if you already suffer from problems like diabetes, it is more difficult to treat gum disease.

A Possible Sign of Other Underlying Health Problems

Rarely, bleeding gums can be caused because of leukemia. If you undergo other symptoms like abrupt and unexplained loss of weight, severe fatigue, and formation of ulcers in your mouth, and if your teeth start becoming very loose rapidly, then it is a matter of concern. At times, the genetic problem may also lead your gums to bleed. Even if you have bleeding gums in case you have dengue.


The blood you saw on your sink while brushing your teeth could be because of various factors of medicine. Bleeding gums could at times happen because of blood-thinning medicine taken to treat diseases such as heart attack and stroke. If you are taking a blood thinner medicine, inform your dentist.

Poor Diet

A few processed foods may bother your gums and cause them to bleed. Stay away from hard snacks. As an alternative, go for healthier alternatives such as fruits and vegetables. In addition, make sure your diet includes Vitamin C and D, calcium, and magnesium.

What Can You Do to Treat Gum Disease: Dentist Burbank

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If you do notice blood on your toothbrush and see that your gums look swollen or red and you have bad breath; reach your dentist immediately. If the disease has progressed you may have a more serious form of gum disease. The faster you take action and look for professional advice and treatment the chances are higher of getting better.

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