Why Are Toothaches Worse at Night?

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Are you completely fine during the daytime, but then unexpectedly feel tooth pain when you go to bed at night? If so, it is important to understand what’s causing it. Accordingly, you need to know how to stop tooth discomfort fast. Since there could be multiple reasons for tooth pain; toothache home remedies can buy you time till you’re able to visit the dentist’s clinic. By understanding what to search for—and what to try; you can enjoy a comfortable night’s rest again.

Tooth Pain Only At Night: Why?

Severe tooth pain and not being able to sleep is not enjoyable. If not, you’ll be tossing and turning, feeling totally despondent, and waking up feeling even shoddier the next morning.
Whenever we lay down to sleep, it can essentially increase our blood pressure. Strange, right? You might think it would do the reverse. But that increased blood pressure can then force against the nerves and blood flow to your teeth, causing it to outbreak whensoever you go to bed. Accordingly, a lot of dentists will tell you to sleep with your head raised up after tooth extraction.
Did you ever notice that your sinuses hurt more at night? It’s like tooth pain and they’re right next to each other. If you lay down at night and sense stronger sinus pressure and cramming, there’s also a good chance your teeth will pain too.
Tooth discomfort doesn’t only occur at night. If you have a cavity, your teeth can hurt at any point throughout the day. But if you’re repetitively preoccupied during the daytime hours, the insignificant pain might not cross your mind till you’re trying to figure out how to sleep with a toothache.

Why Does Toothache Keep You Awake at Night?

Toothache rouses your dental nerves to an intense degree. This subsequently, contributes to why it can get worst at night. This nerve stimulation activates your brain and can keep you awake. Besides, at times, the unease from staying awake can interrupt your sleep even more.

Reasons Why Your Tooth Pain Is Worse At Night: Dentist Burbank

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  • Lying down
  • Unconscious Teeth Grinding
  • Cavities
  • TMJ Disorders
  • Late-Night Meals

Relieve A Toothache At Night

In case you have a severe toothache at night; try the following for temporary relief. Ensure you visit a dentist for a check-up the next day.

  • Take over-the-counter pain medication as prescribed by your dentist
  • Go for a cold compress to place against the side of your mouth that pains
  • Prop your head up with a couple of extra pillows to keep your head raised
  • Use remedies such as saltwater rinses, clove oil, or placing a teabag against the side of your gums

Burbank Toothaches

If for any reason you’re suffering from extreme tooth discomfort and can’t sleep, head straight to your dentist.
Tooth pain doesn’t happen without any reason. Either there is a contamination, some type of trauma, or a basic condition that’s prompting your toothache to erupt at night. Dental issues can’t get better on their own, you need to see a dentist.
Don’t sidestep your dental exam and hope your tooth pain will go away. In a typical situation, dental contaminations will continue to spread deeper into teeth or adjacent structures, making things complicated. It’s best to take care of them instantly, while they’re at the initial stage and affordable. If you haven’t visited your dentist lately, visit us at MyDentistBurbank. Don’t cross your fingers and expect things to get better.
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