When to Take Your Baby to the Dentist

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We have noticed that most people have no understanding of when to take their babies to the dentist for the first time.
This write-up intends to guide you with the same.

When to Take Your Baby to the Dentist: Dentist Burbank

The dentists suggest you take your baby to the clinic when the first tooth appears or by his or her first birthday. Well, it could sound probably a lot sooner than you expected. The average age of a baby is generally six to seven months when the first tooth appears. However, the normal range includes plus or minus six months. Hence, it is normal for a baby to not get a tooth until one year old. Therefore, the suggestion for a dental visit when the first tooth appears or by the first birthday includes any of these possibilities.

What to Look Ahead to at a Baby Dental Visit: Dentist Burbank

There are two essential phases of a baby’s dental visit:

  • weighing up the baby’s teeth, mouth, and jaws,
  • teaching the parent the best way to take care of the baby’s teeth

Dental Assessment

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When kids are brought to the pediatric dentist for the first time, it is usual for them to cry. In actual fact, crying makes it easier for dentists to perceive inside their mouths. At Mydentistburbank, we do not take any x-rays or use any sharp tools on a baby. At times, if needed we use the smallmouth mirror to get the best sight of the baby’s entire mouth.
Generally, we will carry out what is called a “lap exam”. Dr. Sahakyan our most experienced dentist along with the baby’s parents will sit knee-to-knee, forming a small table for the baby to lie on. The baby’s head should be in the dentist’s lap. This would make it easier for the dentist to look down into the baby’s mouth and rapidly evaluate the development of the jaws, the healthiness of the gums, and the outline of any incoming teeth. If the baby is comfortable, the dentist can also show methods for cleaning the baby’s teeth.

Parent Education

This is perhaps the most essential part of a baby’s first dental visit. As a parent, it is important that you know how to properly look after your child’s teeth. Just like the concern that when the first dental visit should be, parents often question how they should be cleaning their babies’ teeth once they appear. Well, cleaning does not necessarily mean brushing. It can be like using a warm, soaked washcloth to clean plaque from the baby’s teeth. Each baby may necessitate a slightly different method. Accordingly, a visit to the dentist is so important. The dentist also needs to notify parents of any particular problems a child exhibits. At MyDentistBurbank, our aspiration is to help out every patient check as many dental problems as possible.

Best Burbank Baby Tooth Clinic

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