Smoking and Dentistry


Most people are often unaware that smoking is bad for their health. It can lead to many different medical problems. Nevertheless, many people don’t realize the impairment that smoking does to their mouth, gums, and teeth. Smoking can cause tooth discoloration, gum illness, tooth loss, and in more severe cases mouth cancer.

How Does Smoking Affect Gums and Teeth?

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Smoking can as well cause gum disease. People who smoke have a higher possibility to produce bacterial plaque, which causes gum illness. The gums are affected because smoking leads to a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream. Hence, the disease-ridden gums don’t heal. Smoking leads people to have more dental plaque and causes gum illness to get worse more quickly than in non-smokers. Gum disease is still the most usual cause of tooth loss in adults.

Smoking Is Accountable for a Range of Dental Problems which Include:

  • Receding gums and tooth sensitivity
  • The higher danger of oral and throat cancer
  • Deferred healing following dental treatment
  • Smoker’s palate
  • Higher risk of tooth decay
  • Increased peril of gum disease

Smoking and Dental Health: Smoking Causes Gum Disease

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Gum illness is a contamination of the gums, also known as periodontal disease. In addition to, causing a buildup of plaque and tartar, it can lead to your gums retreating from your teeth, leaving open spaces at the base of your teeth. When these places get disease-ridden, the condition becomes severe. Besides the bones and tissue which grasp your teeth in place can break down. In the most serious cases, this can mean your teeth need to be pulled out.
The signs of gum disease take in red or swollen gums, sensitive teeth, aches when chewing, bleeding gums, gums pulling away from your teeth, and lose teeth. If you see one or more of these warning signs, it’s a sign something is wrong and you should visit your dentist as soon as possible and do everything you can to recover your dental health.
Smoking leads to gum disease. If you are a smoker your chances of having gum problem is twice as compared to non-smokers. The hazard increases the more you smoke, and the longer you’re a smoker. The core reason for this is smoking weakens your immune system. This subsequently, means that your body is less able to fight off the contamination when it first occurs. Smoking also has a negative impact on your body’s ability to restore itself. Hence, treatments for gum disease are also less effective for smokers.

Protect Your Dental Health by Quitting Smoking: Dentist Burbank

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There are multiple ways to quit smoking. Giving up smoking is definitely the best way to maintain good dental health. To put in simple words, nicotine gum, and smokeless tobacco will improve your oral health compared to smoking. However, both comprise sugars, and smokeless tobacco causes some dental health issues on its own, so they aren’t too ideal solutions.
Irrespective of which approach you use, the most important thing for breaking the connection between smoking and dental health complications is to stop smoking as soon as you can.
Giving up smoking is the best way to fight problems of oral health. A frequent visitor to the dentist, obeying the treatment regime, staying away from cigarettes, and practicing good dental hygiene can bring back the smile you once had as a non-smoker.

Burbank Smoking: Best Dental Clinic

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