Six Signs of Unhealthy Gum

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Suspecting gum disease? Red and puffy gums, the sensitivity of teeth and receding gum line, and the appearance of faintly stretched-out teeth might hold the answers to your doubts. Periodontal (gum) infection affects millions of people every year and is the most important cause of tooth loss among adults. However, in most cases, many people with gum disease don’t even apprehend that they have gum issues. This is because there are hardly any noticeable symptoms in the initial stages.

This write-up intends to put together six signs of gum disease that indicate it’s time to visit a dentist for an evaluation and treatment.

Six Signs of Unhealthy Gum: Dentist Burbank

Red or Swollen Gums

Strong gums should be pink and firm to the touch. However, in the initial stages of gum disease, they get red or puffed up, even painful.
An increase of plaque at the base of the tooth along the gum line is habitually to blame as the bacteria contained in the sticky remains sets up home, causing irritation and contamination.

Bad Breath

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Usually, people who have this extremely uncomfortable condition keep away from particular foodstuffs. However, the reason for bad breath is not always food. The cause is habitually deep-rooted. The existence of bacteria, plaque, and rotten food particles present in the mouth results in gum diseases that are accountable for bad breath.

Excess Saliva

Saliva is a usual part of a healthy body. It helps to fight off germs in your mouth and check bad breath, in addition to aiding tasting and swallowing. Over salivation, however, could be an indication of a harmful build-up of bacteria that could cause gum disease.

Bleeding Gums


Your gums are bleeding when you brush and floss your teeth? If so, you may have plaque buildup that has irritated and inflamed your gum tissue. To put it in simple words, gums that bleed for no clear reason should never be ignored. Visit Dr. Sahakyan for early diagnosis and the treatment you necessitate.

Loose Teeth

Damage of the bone and gum tissue because of periodontal disease results in loose and shifting teeth. As the tissue worsens, there is a high possibility of teeth becoming more loosely attached. Moreover, there are big gaps between the teeth because of the shifting.

Temperature Sensitivity

A gum slump is a slow process that can go on unobserved for several years. If you all of a sudden note that, your teeth are sensitive to extreme cold or hot temperatures, your gums may have receded to the position that the roots of your teeth are open to infectivity.

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Dr. Sahakyan is a leading dentist serving patients in and around Burbank. If you’re experiencing any early signs of gum disease, we recommend you book an appointment with us today to take the critical first step in reinstating and preserving your oral health.
If you develop any of these warning signs like sensitive teeth, bleeding, or bad breath it is obvious you’re your gum needs attention.

Call today at 8185782332 and Set up an appointment with us immediately. With swift treatment, these symptoms can be fixed. To put it in simple words, you can fight back against harmful gum disease. Looking for a healthy mouth? Reach us. We hope to hear from you soon!

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