Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Dental Crown Options

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Picking the correct dental crown might be hard. Accordingly, you should remember to ask 000a few questions. If you want a cosmetic process, it might be even harder to pick the process for you. But if you do your research, you can make the most up-to-date decision possible. Keep reading to understand the questions you should ask your dentist to make the right decision.

Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Dental Crown Options: Dentist Burbank

1. What is a dental crown, and why is it essential to get one?

A proper understanding of dental crowns and why patients need to get one is the primary question to clarify. You can accordingly make an informed decision. A crown might also be known as a cap. It can fit over the whole tooth. It reinstates it after it has become dented from many dental treatments or deterioration. If the patient ignores visiting the dentist for timely treatment; the tooth might fall.
Still, dental crowns are a great means to help the tooth stay in place for a more noteworthy amount of time. A crown also halts the tooth from getting completely damaged. Most importantly, a crown might improve the look of the smile, too. The patient’s goals frequently determine the right material kind. A dentist will help the patient pick an appropriate material, like gold or stainless steel.

2. What if the patient grinds the teeth?


If the patient grinds the teeth at night, the teeth might begin to wear down. Then the patient may need to get a sturdier crown. Patients, to put it in simple words, can get zirconia and porcelain. If the patient grinds the teeth, the dentist might suggest using a night guard. That can further defend the crown and the rest of the teeth.

3. Can I have an allergic reaction?

At times, a patient could have an allergic reaction. The reaction could be because of the metal in the crown. That means that the patient may need to have a metal-free one as an alternative. But patients can choose from zirconia and porcelain fused. It has no metal. Most importantly, it is a natural solution.

4. Does the tooth’s location matter?

The patient should think about the site the crown will go. At times, the patient may need to go for a crown in the front. Accordingly, more natural material is beneficial. The teeth do not take as much heaviness, meaning a more delicate metal is fine. However, patients might need to have a sturdier crown in the back of the mouth. The area is not as noticeable. This means the crown does not need to have such a natural look. The patient might get stainless steel or any other type placed on the back teeth, which can take more chewing pressure.

5. How Long Does a Dental Crown Procedure Take?

While some dentists, like Dr. Sahakyan, offer crown placement in one appointment. Well, in a few cases it takes two separate appointments. The primary appointment certainly includes tooth preparation, impression for the crown, and provisional crown placement. The second appointment is typically two weeks later when the dentist has the final crown and will cement the crown to the tooth.

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With Dr. Sahakyan’s Same-Day Crowns, there’s no need for more than one appointment. You can get everything done in nearly three hours in the dentist’s chair.
When you look for Dental Crown Options; your major concern is which clinic to choose. If you are in the Burbank area, consider visiting, Mydentistburbank. Call us at 8185782332 to book an appointment with Dr. Sahakyan.

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