Not Everyone Loses All Their Baby Teeth

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Undeniably, most people finish losing their baby teeth by age 12, however, some adults still have at least one baby tooth. If you are wondering to know if you may never lose your baby teeth; the answer is Yes! However, people mostly lose their baby teeth during adolescence and a few experience one or two baby teeth that never fall out.

Retained baby teeth are a familiar happening. Several reasons for the cause of their retention. One reason why baby teeth don’t fall out is hyperdontia. To put it in simple words, when you have extra teeth and there isn’t room in the mouth for permanent teeth to blow up. Tooth agenesis is another condition. In this, the majority of all permanent teeth are completely missing.

Wondering why you still have a few baby teeth? Don’t get upset. There are a few cases where the baby’s teeth don’t always fall out. Let’s discuss some of the most common circumstances when might not lose your baby teeth.

  • No Replacement Tooth
  • Not Properly Aligned
  • Not Enough Room
  • Ankylosis

Problems in Adults with Baby Teeth by Dentist Burbank

It is important to understand if you should be concerned about your baby’s teeth haven’t fallen out. To put it in simple words, the answer is; it depends. A primary tooth might that didn’t fall might have a strong crown, roots, and supporting alveolar bone in some cases. In such cases, your retained primary tooth can give you many years of service without causing you any problems. Particularly, a systematic review study reported that retaining baby teeth have reasonable survival for two decades. There is, however, a lack of studies beyond the third decade of survival.

It is often said that there can be oral issues connected with retained deciduous teeth.

Do I Need to Remove My Retained Baby Teeth?

To put it in simple words, it is not always the case that retained baby teeth need to be taken out. If you have an adult tooth in the rear, the tooth will normally be taken out to allow that one to erupt.

Nevertheless, if there is no tooth in place the retained tooth could be left in the mouth. It is, however, important to note that it is not causing any problems in eating, dental structure, or maintaining hygiene.

Evidently, teeth play an essential part in appearance. If baby teeth are seen to be a concern aesthetically then you may choose to have them removed.

Solutions If the Baby Teeth Don’t Fall Out

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Keep Them

If the tooth and root are sound and healthy structurally, your dentist may advise that you go on with the baby tooth. If the tooth is much smaller than the neighboring permanent ones, the dentist can cap it to look like an adult tooth.


If there is distress with tooth development and crowding is a fear, substitution may be obligatory. So, your dentist depending on your age and oral condition will discuss if pulling out, bridge, denture, or implant may be the correct solution.

Schedule an Appointment for Burbank Baby Teeth

It is essential to keep up regular dental appointments so that any problems with the development of adult teeth are noticed as early as possible.
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