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The implant technology came up, as the all-on-four concept is actually a substitute for usual implant applications. In this technique, to put it in simple words, 4 implants are placed in the inter foraminal area. These are placed in the mandible and in the pre-maxillary section in total edentulism cases. A lapse is the all-on- 4 concept, which uses only 4 implants to hold up an acrylic, screw-retained temporary prosthesis delivered on the day of implant positioning. Subsequently, a perfect prosthesis was roughly 4 months later.  The patient can also get benefit from the instant treatment of edentulous arches, which helps to maintain self-assurance and quality of life.

This write-up intends to draw attention to treatment planning principles for the all-on-four set of rules in dental implantology. Besides, it exhibits these principles in a case presentation. In dental implant care, it is essential to be acquainted with this as a valid approach for the right patient and case. So, this idea can be applied with a grouping of straight and angled implants, and with five or six implants, as well.

Benefits Of All-On-4 Dental Implants: Dentist Burbank

The dentists recommend all-on-4 dental implant processes to people with no teeth, failing teeth, those presently wearing dentures, and those in need of full upper and/or lower restorations.

Advantages of the All-On-4 Concept

  • Avoids complex surgery
  • Less invasive procedure for the pt
  • Graft loss procedure
  • Implants are well-spaced, easier to clean, have good biomechanics, instant function, and aesthetics
  • Simplified surgical & prosthetic procedure
  • Less costly due to less number of implants
  • High success rates
  • Angled posterior implants
  • Avoid anatomical structures
  • Reduces posterior cantilever

Treatment Protocol Consists of Two Phases: Dentist Burbank

  • Surgical Protocol
  • Prosthetic Phase

This process of healing idea seems to be a substitute option for rehabilitating jaws
with a lack of teeth compared with highly developed surgical approaches with no using removable prostheses. So, it is a lucrative process, reducing the treatment times. However, the position of dental implants beforehand in attempts to care for the ruthlessly resorbed maxilla and mandible has had only limited success. Furthermore, this is becoming a gifted treatment method of choice and standard in the care for severely compromised patients.

Instant load implants mean exactly what it says. With just four advantageously placed implants, you can have stunning functioning teeth in a single visit. So, your dental implants are sturdy enough to bear up the pressure of eating on the same day you get them.

However, the concept of All-on-4 treatment is lucrative. It is a graft-less way out that gives patients fixed full-arch prostheses on the day of surgery.

Things to Remember

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In dental implant care, the central part of the all-in-four model is slanting the distal implants to pass up fundamental structures and splinting the instantly loaded provisional prosthesis. Thus providing cross-arch stabilization during the initial curative period.

Even though exceedingly successful, 4–11 this concept of treatment is not a universal remedy for all patients, as complications can, and do, take place
Most importantly, with all surgical approaches, the clinician’s requirement is to evaluate whether this way of healing is an appropriate option for the specific case.
So, considering implant-supported fixed complete dentures are accessible in a variety of materials. Comprehensive knowledge of material properties and dimensions is essential to plan the cantilever length and vertical bone decrease.

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