Gum Health – Why It’s More Important Than You Think


The truth of life is if your gums are healthy, less is the risk of developing common chronic diseases. When we speak of oral health, we tend to focus on teeth. Well, that is not enough. Gum health is an essential part of dental and oral health and plays a noteworthy responsibility in the overall health of your body. Teaching kids to follow good oral habits and taking care of their own gum health can provide a lifetime of benefits.

This write-up intends to explain the reasons why your gums are so important.

Healthy Gums: Key to Keeping Your Pearly Whites

The gums are the soft tissue that sheaths your teeth, teeth roots, and the bones of your jaw. It acts as a shielding layer against disease-causing bacteria. Most importantly, the supportive structure of the teeth keeps them in place.
Without the gums, to put in simple words, bacteria and food remains would easily find their way into the deeper parts of your teeth.

Once the bacteria accumulate, it would cause the teeth’ entire structure to break down. Accordingly, the teeth would become unhinged, and in the end, they would cut off from the jawbone. Poor oral hygiene gives rise to dental plaque formation.

Gum Health – Why It’s More Important Than You Think: Dentist Burbank

Healthy Gum Keeps Your Teeth in Place

Regardless of how great the condition of your teeth they necessitate healthy gums to support them. Your gum is actually a seal around your teeth. It defends more sensitive tissues underneath. If bacteria are permitted to assemble on gums and teeth, small pockets start to form over time, which provides even more places for plaque to put out of sight. This incessant wearing down of gum tissues exposes teeth, increasing the likelihood of cavities and even loose teeth.

Having Strong Gums May Lower Heart Disease

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Gum sickness has been connected to cardiovascular problems like heart disease and stroke. Research says gum health is an overall interpreter of heart health.
Healthy gums may mean a better memory

As per a report, researchers have observed a connection between performance on memory tests and gum health. Those with poor gums have a poor memory when compared to those with healthy gums.

Healthy Gums Ensure a Healthy Body

When gums are inflamed, bacteria in your mouth can find their way into the bloodstream easily. This means that your body is more vulnerable to infections. In fact, research has even revealed links between gum disease and rheumatoid arthritis. If you use an antibacterial mouthwash, it can help trim down the number of bacteria in your mouth. Accordingly, it reduces the chance of gingivitis and keeps you healthier in general.

Don’t Allow Gum Disease to Take Your Pearly Whites Away

One of the last things you want to happen is to lose your permanent tooth. If you leave your gums untreated, you could be completely toothless.

Burbank Gum Health

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