4 Common Dental Problems to Look Out for As You Age

At times, despite taking the best possible care of our teeth, problems start to develop as we age. Accordingly, it is important to go for biannual dental exams and cleanings as you age. Dentists can spot possible issues before they reach a point where you need expensive restorative care.
The blog explains some of the most common dental problems we see in older adults.

4 Common Dental Problems to Look Out for As You Age: Dentist Burbank

  • Gum Disease

When plaque mounts up in the mouth, it can lead to periodontal disease. Though gum disease at the initial stage is often painless, it progresses into bleeding and inflamed gums and the formation of pockets along the gumline where more plaque and food particles accumulate. This can cause in worsening of gums, bones, and ligaments and, in due course, tooth loss.
The good news is gum disease can easily be treated if caught early. Scaling and root planning treatments clean plaque from teeth and help gums stay attached to the roots, eliminating pockets.

  • Oral Cancer

Your dentist checks for symbols of oral cancer at every routine dental visit regardless of your age. This is essential because early signs of mouth, throat, and tongue cancers may be without any pain. The standard age of patients spotted with oral cancer is 62. However, early detection increases your odds of survival.
To reduce your risk of oral cancer, give up using tobacco in all forms. It is suggested to avoid alcohol too. It is best to wear lip balm with sunblock when you’re going outside in the sunlight and reapply it often.

  • Dry Mouth

Although radiation treatments for cancer in areas like the head or neck and certain diseases can cause dry mouth, the most general ground for dry mouth for senior patients is medication. There are several general prescription medications, for depression and nervousness, which cause a decrease in saliva flow. Saliva works to wash away decay caused by bacteria and food debris all through the day. The problem with dry mouth is the lacking of sufficient saliva, bacteria bloom in the mouth.
If you are looking for some remedy at home, you may use a mouthwash planned for dry mouth, stay hydrated, and use sugar-free lozenges to inspire saliva production.
Keeping the oral health of older adults healthy can be challenging. This is because aging and health conditions can make them more susceptible to dental issues. At MyDentistBurbank our experts share tips on how to avoid, treat, and handle common dental problems in older adults.

  • Tooth Decay


Gum infection can also cause root decay. When gum tissue ebbs, it exposes the roots of teeth. These roots do not have the same enamel found on the crowns of your teeth. Accordingly, they get more inclined to decay. Root decay can be painful and lead to tooth loss.
Study shows one in five adults over the age of 65 has untreated tooth decay. It’s essential to take care of cavities in the early hours to check decay from spreading and causing pain.

Burbank Dental Problems

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