Is Dental Sedation Safe for Kids?

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When your kids have a dental problem the first thing that crops up in your mind is if it is safe to sedate a child for dental work. Particularly with nitrous oxide, it is unbelievably safe, even for children. Most dentists offer nitrous oxide as a treatment option for mild sedation. It can help relax your child, making their dental process go much more smoothly.
If your child is feeling tense about his/her next dentist appointment; let them know that this is absolutely normal and that even some grown-ups get fearful. For parents it is important to understand the different types of dental sedation, and how to help your child before and after a big dentist visit.

Types of Sedation

Sedation in dentistry is generally gentle and doesn’t put the patient to sleep. If your child is apprehensive about their next oral process, sedation can relax the nerves and make them restful. Your dentist can carefully administer different types of sedative options at their clinic. Here are the most general types of sedation dentists provide:

  • Oral Sedation

This is a pill-form sedative provided by your dentist. Your child will be mentioned to swallow the pill prior to the procedure beginning. Oral sedatives do help with relaxation but do not put children to sleep.

  • Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a gas sedative inhaled through a mask. A combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen will keep your child relaxed and cut nervousness levels in just a few minutes. Once the procedure is completed, your child will be given pure oxygen to get rid of any left behind nitrous oxide.

  • Intravenous Sedation

IV sedation is one more option that can help ease your toddler’s nerves. Make sure they’re not frightened of needles first. Intravenous sedation is administered through a needle inserted into the vein.

Prior to Sedation

One way to make sure that your child has the best possible experience is to get them ready for their dentist’s visit. Sharing a few things you can do at home ahead of the procedure:

  • Stay away from giving your child solid foods before sedation.
  • Dress your child in loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.
  • Keep in mind to inform the dentist about any prescriptions or over-the-counter medications that your child is taking.
  • A comfort item like a stuffed toy is a great way to help your child feel better.

After Care Instructions by Dentist Burbank

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Feelings of unsteadiness, loss of physical coordination, nausea, and even unmanageable sniggers are normal sedation effects. Your child will need some time to rest. Besides they need special care after their procedure. It is important to consider that you should check your child after the treatment. It is suggested to give them soft foods, mashed vegetables, lukewarm soups, or smoothies to shun uneasiness in the mouth. Your child should stay hydrated by drinking water.
It is important that you talk about the options for sedation and anesthesia with your child’s dentist. Try to find out exactly who will be administering the medications and who will be inspecting your child during the dental process.

Weigh Your Options Carefully: Burbank Dental Sedation

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