Why Do Dental Implants Have Such a High Success Rate


Do you have any dental disorders? A crooked tooth or a completely missing tooth is not new to us. It can happen to everyone irrespective of age and gender. There are a few habits that cause these disorders. For example, not cleaning our teeth regularly, or consuming bad foods are a few such habits. Unlike we take care of our general health, we ignore our oral health condition. This ignorance becomes the most common reason for any dental problems.
Now, a missing tooth or teeth can make us feel uncomfortable, especially at our workplaces, at social gatherings, etc. We feel very embarrassed about our look due to this orthodontic condition. Thanks to modern and advanced technologies and treatment procedures we can get rid of these situations. Dental implants have become very popular to fix this disorder. For any Burbank, dental implant services contact us at MyDentistBurbank for the best and guaranteed result.

What Is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are modern teeth restoration techniques when dental surgeons conduct surgery to implant tooth roots to fix missing teeth or a crooked tooth problem. Here, the surgeons plant tooth roots for fitting the dental crowns or caps (the artificial tooth/teeth). These tooth roots are made of titanium and are the base for dental caps. They plant it into the jawbones below the gum lines.
Most importantly the tooth implanted this way looks real. These implanted teeth are sturdy and long-lasting.

Why Do Dental Implants Have Such a High Success Rate?

dental implant

The statistics tell that 90% or above cases are successful. As mentioned earlier, in this process high-quality materials are used. Tooth roots are made of titanium and are fixed to jaw bones. The formation between the jaw bones and the titanium-based implanted tooth roots blends well. This is technically known as ‘Osseointegration’. This made the base sturdy and put this process of implanting teeth ahead of other restoration techniques like ‘Root canals’ and ‘Dental bridges. Because of this, dental implants can last up to 15 years which is way higher than other dental replacement processes. For more information about dental implants simply browse our website mydentistburbank.com.
Now, the patients must also take the necessary steps to make this process a successful one. We must take care of our implanted as well as normal teeth to avoid infections.

Steps to Prevent Our Teeth, Both Implanted and Normal from Infections:

  • Always Consult a Dentist

Ignorance in any form can be dangerous. Always consult your dentist to avoid complications.

  • Clean Your Teeth Daily

We must brush our teeth twice a day to keep them clean and bacteria-free. It is good for us to use soft toothbrushes to avoid harming our teeth. Always use branded brushes only and buy from trusted sources. Moreover, use floss to clean food items that get stuck into teeth and gum areas. We cannot clean these areas with our normal brushes.

  • Always Use Reliable and Reputed Dental Products

Most kinds of toothpaste and mouthwash contain harmful chemicals. It is better to consult dentists and use those products only that they suggest.

  • Must Cure Pre-Existing Infection

dental implant

We must not ignore any infections that we already have. If goes untreated, infections can spread to other parts of the teeth and gums quickly. This can fail an implant process.
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