Can I Still Get Cavities If I Have Porcelain Veneers?


Cavities are spoiled parts of a tooth that develop into holes. While a veneer itself cannot get tooth deterioration, you can get a cavity in a tooth that is protected by this veer. It’s essential to have habitual dental examinations to detect problems early before they become serious.
Besides, poorly-installed veneers do not fit steadily over natural teeth. This leaves them exposed to deterioration. This is particularly true since some of the enamel is taken away when you get them. A few medications, as well, may cause a dry mouth. This subsequently, upsurges your possibility of getting a cavity. Most people who get cavities with veneers may not have been good candidates for them. This takes in those with active gum disease or with weakened teeth who are most expected to experience a cavity after getting veneers.

Veneer-Supporting Teeth Can Develop Cavities: How?

There are a few reasons why teeth with porcelain veneers might develop cavities:
If a veneer has been on a tooth for many years or if it has not been correctly installed; bacteria and food particles might creep beneath it and attack the primary dentition.
A veneer only wraps the front part of a tooth. Its back side will stay uncovered to the dangers of bacteria and plaque.
Porcelain veneers do not magically cure teeth problems like pre-existing deterioration and deteriorated dental enamel. Health conditions and certain medications can still significantly raise the risk of tooth deterioration in veneer-supporting teeth.

Preventing Cavities: Dentist Burbank


Do not let the information mentioned above terrify you. With a few simple safety measures, your treated teeth can remain healthy as they support your veneers for the years and decades to come. Wondering what to do? Let’s discuss:
Trust your treatment of the correct person. It is best to select a dentist in Burbank who has experience with veneers and who has positive assessments from past patients. Do not hesitate to ask any potential dentist about the previous porcelain veneer cases they handled. Your dentist should be someone who sincerely cares about both your oral health and your smile. He is not someone who is simply trying to sell a service.
Uphold an outstanding oral hygiene routine. When you brush your teeth, ensure not to disregard the backs or the area along the gum line. Floss between all of your teeth, even those with veneers.
Visit your dentist for regular check-ups. Your dentist will inspect your veneers and the teeth beneath them to check for any emerging problems. If they find that one of your veneers is hurt, or a veneer is no longer correctly bonded to a tooth; they would suggest immediate measures. If they notice that one of your teeth has early indications of deterioration, it may be possible to fix such issues before they deteriorate. It is sensible to schedule a dental appointment once every six months or as often as suggested by your dentist.

How to care for teeth with veneers to avoid a cavity

After getting veneers, it’s important to take appropriate care of them. Eventually, cavities can happen to anyone. Dr. Sahakyan, accordingly, recommends her patients visit him regularly for dental exams and cleanings. This will help them shield the teeth beneath veneers. Schedule an appointment today.

Improve Your Smile With Burbank Porcelain Veneers

A confident smile is just a few appointments away. Dr. Sahakyan, our reputed dentist in Burbank is here to help you get the stunning smile you’ve been dreaming about. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Sahakyan, by calling us at 8185782332 today!

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