Can I Have a Broken Tooth Fixed on the Same Day?

Chipping a tooth can be a frightening, anxiety-inducing moment. It can as well be distressing. Well, the good news is if your front tooth broke in half, there are front teeth restoration options available.

Most people who break, or crack a tooth are hesitant about what to do or what the severity of the injury is. So, the question that pops up in their mind is if a broken front tooth is fixed.

In this blog, we will discuss broken front teeth and what you can do to fix them. Keep reading.

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Common Reasons for Chipped Teeth Are: Dentist Burbank

  • Biting or eating hard things
  • Clenching your jaw
  • Grinding your teeth
  • Playing a contact sport
  • Meeting a car accident

Can a Dentist Fix a Broken Tooth?

dental problems

The simple answer is yes; a dentist can habitually fix a broken or chipped tooth. It is however, it’s important to get to your dentist as soon as possible once you realize that your tooth broke in half. Depending on the nature of your disruption, leaving it untreated could affect further injury and the requirement for a more serious treatment plan.

Nevertheless, even in a severe case, there are choices to fix or substitute your front tooth.

Dentist Fix a Chipped Tooth: How?

Treatment for a broken chipped, or fractured front tooth will be case-specific as there are differing degrees of severity. A more minor, less aggressive chip may necessitate little to no treatment, while a deeper or more severe crack could result in more advanced care.

Solutions Dentists May Recommend Fixing a Chipped Tooth


Dental bonding is a harmless, fast, low-cost way to re-establish the natural look and feel of your cracked front tooth. However, it habitually takes 30-60 minutes per tooth and is accomplished on your first visit.

If you want bonds to last longer, it’s important to:

  • Stand back from hard foods
  • Avoid using your bonded teeth to open things
  • Follow good oral hygiene
  • Visit your dentist regularly


dental implant

There are times when the rupture or deterioration extends down onto the root surface at which point the tooth will need to be taken away. So, the tooth can be detached and an implant can be positioned on the same day with a cap so that you will have a tooth in the misplaced space. Once the implant has healed, the ultimate crown is made to seat onto the implant. However, this process is more normally referred to as an “immediate implant”.


This is more usually mentioned as a “cap”. It is a laboratory-made repair that is cemented on top of your tooth to make it sturdy and useful. If your break is more severe, your dentist may decide to put a crown on your tooth. Crown strengthens teeth while providing a natural look and feel.

Root Canal

When a chip exposes to the pulp; it can become infected, leading to severe pain and a need for tooth abstraction.

This is a process that includes eliminating the dead pulp, cleaning the root canal, and then closing it. So, it helps to preserve the tooth and dismiss discomfort.

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