4 Reasons Your Tooth is Turning Grey


As we grow old, our teeth change color. At times, you observe a dullness or grey discoloration to a specific tooth at an earlier stage. This could be more serious than a simple cosmetic concern. Habitually, a grey tooth is an indication of an underlying condition that could necessitate instant treatment. You should seek advice from a dentist right away if your teeth are greying. It is important not to overlook oral complications. Your teeth matter! None of us wants to grow old and have them fall out.

This write-up intends to help you find out more about tooth discoloration and what it means for your oral health.

4 Reasons Your Tooth is Turning Grey: Dentist Burbank


This antibiotic can cause teeth to turn gray in children whose teeth aren’t completely developed. This is to put in simple words, is most expected to happen in children under age 8. At times, you may also get gray teeth from tetracycline if your mother took it during her pregnancy.

Dental Restorations

The materials used to fill up cavities or reinstate teeth can sometimes cause tooth discolorations to happen. These comprise metal crowns and silver fillings.

Tooth Trauma

Anything that cuts off blood flow to the tooth can lead to the tooth going gray. The tooth may also have gray stains from mental distress. Trauma to the tooth, however, may not result in a change in color for months or even years. Hence, people don’t always understand what caused their teeth to go gray.

Root Canal Medications

Ledermix is a paste used by dentists during the root canal process. The active elements are demeclocycline hydrochloride and triamcinolone acetonide. These components can lead teeth to turn grayish-brown. The other root canal medication, Ultracal XS, has a similar effect, but to a lesser degree. Ultracal XS contains calcium hydroxide.

A Few Other Reasons:

Tooth Decay

Growing moldy can also cut off a tooth’s blood flow, and make it die and go gray.

Dentinogenesis Imperfect

This atypical, hereditary disorder of tooth development can make a baby and permanent teeth look blue-gray. It also makes the teeth weak and finally prone to breakage.


The color of your teeth may change and look grayish-blue, as you age.

How Do You Treat Grey Teeth: Burbank Dentist

dental problems

A hurt tooth often necessitates a root canal process. This takes away dead and decaying tooth matter from further oral infections. Once you’ve done your root canal procedure, taking care of it, bleaching, and tooth whitening to return your tooth to its original luster is a must. A dental crown is another restitution practice your dentist will recommend to bring back the teeth to normal. If more than one tooth is greying, you necessitate dental veneers to bring back your complete smile. Contact MyDentistBurbank right away for any of these services!

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Burbank Grey Tooth Treatment

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