10 Things You Should Know About Invisalign

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Invisalign is a kind of brace that is invisible and is highly popular nowadays. It involves wearing a set of thin, transparent plastic aligners that adjust your teeth over a period till the ideal position is reached. They are made according to your needs and enhance your tooth for a beautiful smile. This treatment is offered in more than forty countries and more than two million patients use them. They are transparent trays or aligners, which are made for the benefit of the people.

Let Us Look at Ten Things One Should Know about Burbank Invisalign:


  1. This treatment tends to be less expensive than traditional metallic braces treatment. This is mainly because they are for a less period. Since they are less expensive, more and more people prefer this.
  2. They can correct almost any type of error that is prevalent in your tooth. Some of them are crowding, crookedness, gapped tooth, etc.
  3. They are transparent and this makes them almost invisible. This is the major reason why almost all adults go for them and not the braces. They do not lower your self-confidence and make you feel beautiful the way you are.
  4. Zero food restrictions are present when it comes to these. Since these are removable trays, you can easily take them out and go on with your regular diet. You do not have to compromise on any kind of food and feel that you can’t eat certain kinds of items.
  5. Oral hygiene tends to be simple and easy. Since all you have to do is wear these plates and remove them, oral hygiene tends to remain the same as before. If one goes for braces, they must rigorously clean their braces wires and brackets. However, for these aligners, this is not the case.
  6. More comfortable and looks good. Since Invisalign are just plastic trays, they are much better than the normal and ceramic braces. They tend to be way more comfortable and easy to handle.
  7. You can expect good results from this treatment in a shorter period than from any other treatment. Therefore, the overall time for your treatment reduces and you tend to be freed from all this in less duration than before.
  8. Reduces damage to your normal tooth. You do not have to go for any extraction practices or any gum modification route; you just have to wear these Invisalign aligners. Your teeth will be like new in no time.
  9. You won’t have to go to the dentist’s time and again. Besides, you will achieve a beautiful smile in less time. In addition, even when you go for appointments, they will be very quick.
  10. In addition, the last one is that your self-confidence increases like never before. Children who have bad teeth or crooked teeth can easily benefit from this. Even adults can go for days that are working in corporations or not working.

Now that you know all about this treatment, you should definitely go for it. My Dentist Burbank promises the best results in a short period. We understand that patients do not want to be engaged in this process for a long period. This is the major reason why we prepare a timeline for every patient and give you an outline of the process beforehand. To know more about the process and to get an appointment, you can simply call us at 818-578-2332. We are open all weekdays and on weekends. Just give us a call or drop us a message; we are always ready to help you.

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