Do Your Kids Have Shark Teeth?

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Concern for your kids is how parents operate. When they see something they have never seen before, it’s a great idea to discuss it with the experts. Interestingly, when children are in the stage of losing their baby teeth and growing their permanent teeth, they at times develop two rows of teeth in their mouth. This condition is called shark teeth. Your family dentists in Burbank offer advice to address this condition if your child develops shark teeth.
A shark tooth simply refers to a child having two rows of teeth in their mouth. To put it in simple words, the original primary teeth, and the arriving permanent teeth.

Do You Need to Bother About Shark Teeth?

As you notice something unusual, you get panic. The anxiety increases if it is about your little one. If your child has shark teeth, then it is reasonable for you to get a little bit concerned about it. Luckily, shark teeth are easy to treat and normally have a good results.
When your child starts to lose their primary teeth, they are generally excited. After all, who does not a visit from the tooth fairy irresistible? Some children may discover that their permanent teeth are growing behind their primary teeth. Well, this too is known as shark teeth, and it gets its name because sharks also have quite a few rows of teeth.
Shark teeth are not often seen. However, when they do appear, they turn up right around your child’s sixth birthday. Sometimes shark teeth can come back a few years later when their molars begin to erupt. Usually, when a permanent tooth is all set to grow, the tooth root dissolves naturally. However, this does not always happen. Often, the tooth root does not break up, and your child will grow a permanent tooth behind their primary tooth.

Treatment For Shark Teeth: Dentist Burbank

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Opportunely, shark teeth are not risky. Most importantly, it is not something you need to be too worried about. In several cases, the tooth will get loose as the permanent tooth comes in. Many children will start to twist the tooth on their own. If they can twist it out, then the problem can be set on without intrusion.

If your child cannot take away the baby’s tooth on their own, then the dentist may advise tooth extraction. If your child has one shark tooth, there is a possibility that a second tooth will follow. Dr. Sahakyan, the most experienced Dentist in Burbank would watch and monitor the progress of your child’s teeth to see if a second shark tooth arrives. If so happens, and your child cannot take them away by wiggling them, he may propose to remove both at the same time. This can make the practice easier for your youngster.
In any case, if your child can twist the tooth out naturally, or we at MyDentistBurbank need to pull it out for them, the permanent tooth will slowly move into its proper alignment after a while. This can take anywhere between a few weeks to several months to take place.

Why Choose Us for Burbank Shark Teeth?

Hand over your child’s oral health in the hands of the dentist at MyDentistBurbank. Call us at 8185782332 and book an appointment today. We cater to dental patients of all ages. We’ve handled plenty of shark teeth and have the knowledge and equipment to review their development and recommend appropriate remedies.

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