What Are the Different Types of Braces, and Which Is Right for Me?


Can I straighten teeth without braces; is a common question. If the alignment is not proper, you think about braces. They act as your mighty savior. Besides, it is the only chance for you to have good teeth. When you think of orthodontic braces, people assume them to be made up of metal and not invisible. Many people go for traditional metal braces. However, it is important to know that we have other options too with the advancement of medical technology. To put it in simple words, it totally depends on your needs and your budget. Let us understand the four types of braces that are available in today’s time.

Different Types of Braces and Choosing The Right One:

Metal Braces

  • The first one is the traditional metal braces. These are the first kind of braces that came into the market. They use metal brackets and wires to align the teeth. Heat-activated wires are now in trend along with traditional metal braces for better results. The price of these braces is not less but they are considered to be the cheapest ones. They can handle any kind of problem in the mouth.
    If you talk about the disadvantages, they are not aesthetically pleasing. They can cause self-confidence problems for people. Various patients have also complained about a lot of discomfort when they are wearing traditional braces. The wires and brackets can end up being too poking to the gums and the cheeks.

Ceramic Braces

  • The next category of braces available in the market is ceramic braces. These are very similar to metal braces. They are placed in front of the teeth but they blend in a little better. They are made up of tooth-colored ceramic material. The wires can be colored to make the braces look invisible. Since these braces are a little invisible, they are expensive too. They are as fast and as effective as metal ones.
    The basic advantage of these braces is that they are less noticeable and also can handle any misalignment problem in less time.
    If we talk about the disadvantages of these braces, they can become stained. They are also more expensive than traditional braces. The brackets in these braces can cause discomfort to the patient.

Lingual Braces

  • The next categories of braces that are present in the market are the lingual braces. They are attached to the back of the teeth and not the front. They are virtually invisible but are more uncomfortable than the basic ones. These braces cannot fix everything. Still willing to get them? Ask your orthodontist first.
    If we talk about their advantages, they are highly invisible and they are fast.
    But on the flip side, they are expensive and cause a lot of discomfort.



  • The next one is very popular; Invisalign. Most importantly, these do not look like braces at all. To put it in simple words, they are retainers that straighten your teeth without any brackets and wires. They use various trays to set your feet right. People, who chose these, get the best results. It is true that they are very expensive, but at the same time, they give the best results. These are the braces of this generation.

Now that you know about the kind of breakthroughs that are available in the market, you should understand your needs and then make the right decision. You can also consult dentists who can suggest the best method you should go for. Dentist Burbank offers the best Burbank braces. Subsequently, call Dr. Sahakyan at 818-578-2332 to book an appointment. Besides, you can also visit our Burbank Dentist clinic for consultation. Our team would be happy to help.

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